Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition 8 things you should know

Everything Street Fighter 5 in a package – here you will find everything you need to know.

The Napoleonic Wars (PARTS 1-6)
To say that Capcom has missed a series of key functions at its first release Straßenkämfer 5 In February 2016 is an understatement. This is not everything that has to do with technical problems, terrible online multiplayer, etc. However, the developer team has significantly updated it over the years to reach both new and classic fighters and at the same time improving the balance as a whole. This culminated in the publication of the ARCADE EDITION This brought, among other things, the arcade mode.

We now have street fighter 5: Champion Edition Release on 14th Februarth for PS4 and PC. Is it worth it to get involved in new players? What can veterans expect? It may not be the infinitive fighter from which the fighting game community has dreamed, but there could be something that makes you fun. Let’s take a look at eight things you should know before you take the book in hand Champion Edition.

All fighters and modes

The biggest charm of the Champion Edition is that it contains all previously shared fighters. These include all of the basic game such as Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Chun-Li, M. Bison and F.A.N.G. And Zangief along with all fighters from the different Season Passes. Straßenfämpfer 5 has introduced four seasons with content behind and new fighters such as Kolin, Zeku, Menat and G, while fan favorites were returned like Guile, Ibuki, Akuma and Sakura. You will also receive all previously published modes, from the campaign Character Stories and A Shadow Falls to Arcade Mode, Extra Battle, Fighting Chance and Team Battle Mode. There is even a gallery to unlock various concept drawings, music and film art.

34 stages and over 200 costumes inclusive

Since the Champion Edition has almost everything in Straßenkampfer 5 It means that all stages are also included. Guiles Air Force Base, Chun-Lis Busy Side Road, Shadaloo Case – All 34 Stages are playable. You will also receive over 200 costumes, including the various individual costume packages, seasonal holiday packages, labor costumes, school costumes, as you name it. If you always want all additional content, but not hundreds of dollars and whatever remains from your soul, this is the ticket.

Capcom Pro Tour, Fighting Chance and Collaboration Outfits Not included

To clarify: FAST all additional contents. Some costumes were excluded from the Champion Edition, including those from various brand collaborations, the Capcom Pro Tour DLC and the Fighting Chance Outfits. It is easy to understand why – in the case of Fighting Chance, the rewards are based on grinding the Fighting Chance mode every month for random rewards. The Capcom Pro Tour DLC, however, goes towards the prize pool of the Capcom Cup, so it makes sense to leave it away.

New Fighter: Gill by Street Fighter 3

The Season 4 PASS is included in the price Champion Edition and contains characters such as Kage, Lucia, Poison and E. Honda. However, there are some new fighters, like Gill, who was for the first time Straßenkämfer 3. Gill brings his own special brand of chaos into the squad and leads both fire and ice attacks with devastating effect (no matter if an opponent flies with fire and drops them on ice). Maybe the true kicker is that Gill is now available separately and can be played immediately. You can even use Fight Money to acquire it. If you buy the Champion Edition He will be available in February if it is released.

New fighter: Seth from Street Fighter 4

But wait, there is more. Seth, the boss of Straßenkämfer 4 also comes to Straßenkämfer 5. With a new look and various new outfits, SETH also offers a number of devastating attacks such as tannen Engine, with which you can borrow the special train of your opponent. There are also Tanden Booster, with which you can play the whole bizarre adventure of Jojo with a number of blows. Seths V-triggers are similarly devastating if they combine teleports and energy balls for attacks. Although Seth as Gill is also available individually, it will only be available in February if the Champion Edition publishings.

V-skill 2 and balance changes

If you have the basic version of possession Straßenkampfer 5 and have the characters you like already unlocked, there is a fairly large update for the basic game. It adds a number of balance changes and adds a second V-capability to all characters. For example, Akuma can trigger an aura that promotes opponents into the air while charging the V display. Rashid gets a shot out of the air (which torted the kind of fighting gameProfi Daigo); And sagat gets a buff to his next tiger Knee. Would you like to jump over the projectiles of an opponent and meet them with a sound bang in the air as guile? How would it be to absorb an attack as Ryu and attack immediately a second time? You can do that now. Considering the available characters, this is a pretty wide selection of V-skills that are perfect. Best start right away.

Champion Edition upgrade

Owners of basic games that have never been interested in costumes or all characters, but may want to buy Champion Edition are lucky. You can pick up Champion Edition upgrade, which costs $ 24.99 to get everything. Sure is just $ 5 cheaper than the Champion Edition But it is not bad business, especially if you consider characters, stages and costumes in numerous seasons.

Special color on pre-order

Of course, you will receive a special color for all characters of the 4th season as an incentive for those who pre-order. Actually, it is quite exciting and gives all fighters a dark shadow with red reflections, which gives you almost a Dark Hadou effect. Should this be your only incentive to pre-order? Would you like to look cool? Of course, you do. Throw a coin and go from there.