Thea500 Mini Amiga 500 Mini where pre ordered it

At last. Stores propose to preorder the famous Amiga 500 Mini, for the moment set as at March 31, 2022. If you think spending next winter with your rheumatism, why not celebrate the next spring with dignity, reminding you now Best hours from the world’s most European video game, all in 16-bit graphics, 8-bit sounds and vibes of the end of the 80s?

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A heart of Motorola 68000 to display 576i and produce legend sounds and musics for a generation. Released in 1987, the Amiga 500 of Commodore, and his competitor the Atari St was going to push the limits of video game as much as those of the visual and musical creation on a computer, on a path plotted by Apple and IBM that The Mac and the PC will eventually resume.

Today in the form of Thea500 mini , expected by its community, enriched with the usual (the) s curious and curious in the vein of mini-consoles, this Amiga 500 mini comes With a replica mouse of the original, a * TheA500 stylized but adapted to the recent standards, especially on the side of the number of buttons, and especially preinstalled games **, with the promise of power By officially add through a USB key (not supplied).


Among these games included when opening the box, the elders and enthusiasts of history and this type of culture will find among others Worms , ALIEN BREED 3D , SPEEDBALL 2 , Battle Chess , ATR: ALL Land Racing , Simon The Sorcer , Pinball Dreams: Ignition , Cadaver or zoo ** , whose remaster in a student project should emerge in parallel.