Aeon Drive Official Developer

Platform games (typically simplified as platformer or dive ‘n’ run games) are a computer game genre as well as subgenre of activity games in which the core objective is to move the player character in between factors in a made setting. Platformers are characterized by their degree style including unequal terrain as well as put on hold systems of differing height that calls for use of the gamer personality’s capabilities (such as jumping and also climbing) to navigate the player’s atmosphere and also reach their objective. Various other acrobatic maneuvers may factor right into the gameplay also, such as climbing, turning from things such as vines or grappling hooks, embarking on walls, air dashing, sliding with the air, being shot from cannons or jumping from springboards or trampolines. Games where jumping is automated completely, such as 3D games in The Legend of Zelda series, autumn beyond the style.
While frequently linked with console video gaming, there have actually been several noticeable system games launched for video arcades, along with for portable game gaming consoles and also computer.
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In this new developer walkthrough, you will learn more details about the 2D Speed ​​Run Platformer Aeon Drive. The game appears for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on September 30, 2021.

In Aeon Drive, a cyberpunk platform with Speedrunning elements, players in the role of Jackelyne, a Space Ranger, who desperately wants to go home. Armed with your power sword and your teleportation dagger must find Jackelyne all drive gates to repair your ship – and to save the city in front of the threatening downfall.

Jackelyne can sprint and graze through many areas of the neon-lit city and race and use their skills for the time and space change to continue.

Teleport through lasers, spines or sawing and walking at the last moment in a squatting to continue sprinting through the 100 levels of Neo-Barcelona.

A unique time jump system saves you the frustration of repetition and keeps the challenge fresh

Modern and retro optics combine in the pixel style style of the game

The advanced point system enables high recovery

Real-time difficulty adjustment – collected time delay devices can be used strategically

AEON DRIVE will offer two separate game modes: Story mode can be played alone or in local / online co-op mode with up to 4 players. Competitive PVP can also be played locally and online with up to 4 players.

For an additional competitive advantage you can use the discord integration and the global leaderboards to measure themselves with players from around the world. In streaming mode, you can also show your audience who is the true valley queen from Neo Barcelona!

The protagonist of Aeon Drive is spoken by the actress Kira Buckland, which is mainly for her roles than 2b in Nier: Automata, Reimi Sugimoto in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Trucy Wright in the Ace Attorney Series and Hiyoko Saionji in the DanganronPA series is known.

If you like the game scenes, you can download a demo and chops, dashed and gives you a neon cyberpunk world with a fleet 80s synthwave soundtrack.