Craftone Battle Ground New State Cinematic Video Disclosure

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[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Craftone (Representative Kim Chang) revealed the ‘Fall of Troi’ Troy ‘Troy (Fall of Troi on the’ Battleground: New State ‘.

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Troy’s downtilled ‘pub juni bus’ Story’s extension of the ‘Pub Universe’ story, dealing with the battle ground of the era in 2050. The pub is a worldview derived from the ‘Battleground’ IP.

This video is produced in an animated music video format, Battle Ground: You can enjoy the story that is spreading from New State’s map, Troi (Troi) with the original soundtrack. The original soundtrack is created through Ice Nine Kills, an Ice Nine Kills, an American metal core band, and a fun leading to Trojan’s hidden mystery through lyrics.

Trojan’s fall of Trojan is the background of the Pub Universe Worldwide in the US small and medium-sized city, which is the background of the battle ground. 2050 Trojan’s fall of Trojan 6 hours ago, the story is deployed around New State and multiple factions that are confronted with the unidentified golden mask, Trojan basis.

Battle Ground: New State is a leading mobile game that succeeds Battle Royal experience of Battle Ground. The next-generation mobile battle Royal Game has aimed at the milestone of the Battle of Battle, a sophisticated and realistic display, pub and the technology of the Pub’s studio, technology and development capabilities.

Currently, we are in advance in Google Play and Apple App Store, and the successful progress of the secondary alpha test, as of the successful progress of the secondary alpha test, as of the 31st, we exceeded 32 million.