This is how you get the upper lance The Fang in Genshin Impact all the steps of the guide

The Catch, also known as The Catch, is a new spear for free players in Genshin Impact. However, it is not so easy to obtain. In fish Ángel we tell you how you can get the weapon efficiently.

As soon as you have unlocked fishing and have access to Inazuma, you will be able to expect the new lance The Catch, which is, among other things, the best free option for the Raiden Shogun character.

Where do you find Der Fang? In Inazuma there is a NPC called Kujirai Momiji near the teleporter south of the Byakko fields. She is on the stand of the area. There she can change the fish captured by the spear and its refining material.

  • NPC location
  • The NPC.
  • The capture and his skills

What do you need to get the The Catch spear? To take the spear at the refinement level 1, you must fish a total of 46 fish:

  • 20x oxide koi

  • 20x Koi Golden
  • 6x Ángel Fish Raimei

To increase the degree of refinement, you need the Sake Vessel de Ako item. The article can be found at the Kujirai Momiji store and you must fish 23 fish each to obtain one.

What kind of bait do you need? Each fish jumps on a different type of bait. You have to use the next bait for the fish of Der Fang:

  • Rust Koi, Golden Koi, Balloonfish and Bitter Globe Fish: Fake Bait for Flies

Angular CDK Data Tables
* Ángel Fish Rimei: Incorrect worm bait

  • *

Locations of all the species of fish required

As unfortunately you can not see where the places of fishing are exactly and what fish they live, we have summarized all the locations you need for the spear.

Golden Koi and Rust Koi

    • Locations in Mondstadt (a kind of koi each)
  • Localities in Liyue (both species of koi)
  • Location in Inazuma (both species of KOI). Source: GENSHIN impact world map
  • Liyue Beach

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Fish Ángel Raimei

Where is the Ángel Raimei fish? In fact, you can only find this fish in a fishing place in Inazuma. This is located in the south of Kujou camp in the midst of the sea, among the numerous shipwrecks. They look like many small islands on the map.

The easiest way to get to the place is to take the teleporter east of Tamarasuna in Kannazuka and call its surfer there. With this, then navigate towards the fishing place.

When it is day for you, the clock changes at night. This fish only appears from 6 p.m. Also, there are only between four and five of them on the site. However, you will only see a maximum of four pieces. If you fish one, one of them can reappear.

Then, to catch the six Angel Raimei fish you need, you must wait between 48 and 72 hours or go to a friend’s world.

  • *

Globe and Bitter Globe Fish

    • Locations in Mondstadt (both globefish species)
  • Location in Inazuma (both species of globefish)
  • Location in Liyue (Bitter Globez)
  • Location in Liyue (Globoz)
  • Location in Inazuma (Bitter Globez)
  • Site in Inazuma (Globoz). Source: GENSHIN impact world map

Fishing in Genshin Impact: All fishing places at a glance