Aloy in Genshin Impact Dates How to get it for free and skills

Aloy , protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, Genshin Impact well Genshin Impact emblem of the world PlayStation, is about to reach Genshin Impact. Sony and Mihoyo announced weeks ago this collaboration agreement by which the character will come totally free for all the users of the title in PS4 and PS5. We tell you the dates to make ourselves with her, how to get it and what are her skills ** of her.

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How to get to Aloy, from Horizon Zero Dawn, in Genshin Impact

After seeing her in the GamesCom 2021, Aloy’s debut at Genshin Impact will take place September 1 , Genshin Impact soon Genshin Impact we have updated the game to version 2.1. She will consist of two phGenshin Impactes .

To get the superhero in PS4 and PS5, nothing will be necessary; She will not depend on the mechanics GGenshin Impacthapon or she is subject to random-bGenshin Impacted conditions. These are the prerequisites:

  • Having reached the Aventure Range 20 or higher before or during version 2.1 updates and version 2.2 **.

PhGenshin Impacte 1 to get Aloy in Genshin Impact

Once achieved, we will receive the collaboration character of 5 stars Aloy, La Salvadora from another world, and its 4-star arch predator from the Inner Mail of the game The next time we start session in Genshin IMPACT IN PS4 or PS5; Not available in iOS, Android Ni PC. Only consoles PlayStation. It can be achieved until October 13, 2021 (PhGenshin Impacte 1).

PhGenshin Impacte 2 to get Aloy in Genshin Impact

phGenshin Impacte 2 will be from the moment version 2.2 arrives until before the version 2.3 of GENSHIN IMPACT is launched on November 24, 2021. In the same way, we will find it in the internal mail of the game following The previous steps.

ALOY skills in Genshin Impact

Aloy’s character in Genshin Impact will come accompanied by different skills. Among them, the Elemental Skill of She of her will be Field icy . Genshin Impact they explain, she she throws an icy bomb towards the direction she aims and produces an explosion that inflicts Cryo damage. When you exploit, that ice pump will be divided into several ultra-frozen minibumps that will explode when you come into contact with an enemy or after a few seconds. It will inflict cryo damage.

The talent of it war superposition will allow you to increGenshin Impacte the attack of the whole team for a certain time during the time it is under the effect of the induction load. When she accumulates four induction charges she at the same time she will get the effect of galloping ice, which transforms all the damage inflicted with her normal attack on Cryo damage for a certain time.

Genshin Impact regards the Four Star Arc predator , she will increGenshin Impacte Aloy’s power with her effect and increGenshin Impactes her ATQ in 66 pts. The damage inflicted by the normal attack and the charged attack can increGenshin Impacte by 10% for 6 seconds if it inflicts CRYO damage to enemies. According to MiHoyo: The arc can only be obtained in PS4 and PS5 but can be used on any platform with synchronized storage support. The unique effect of the weapon only works when it is used in consoles PLAYSTATION.

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