GENSHIN IMPACT Update 2 1 Date time maintenance rewards and more

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Genshin Impact is updated this September 1. The Mihoyo video game, one of the most successful free-to-play at present, will experience a maintenance period this Wednesday on the occGenshin Impaction of version 2.1, an update called _UNA Moon on mortals. Genshin Impact usual, the Chinese study hGenshin Impact clearly informed its users about the exact schedules of the maintenance period, the next rewards and the rest of details that can be highlighted; Among them, the arrival of Aloy, protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, Genshin Impact a playable character.

Aloy in Genshin Impact: Dates, How to get it for free and skills

Date and time of maintenance of Genshin Impact for version 2.1

Maintenance of Genshin Impact to welcome version 2.1 of the game will take place on Wednesday at 00: 00 , peninsular schedule of Spain; That is, at dawn on Tuesday to Wednesday , for a period of five hours. To give you a better game experience, developers will soon carry out the maintenance of the version. Once the maintenance is completed, the version of the game will be updated, explain.

After downloading the update we can continue playing Genshin Impact always; But it is advisable not to try to play during those five hours to avoid possible losses or corrupt data.

How to update Genshin Impact on PC, iOS, Android, PS4 and PS5

Depending on the version of Genshin Impact that we have, the update process to version 2.1 varies:

  • Pc: Close the game, start the installer again and click Update .
  • Ios: Access the App Store and click Update .
  • Android: Enter the game and follow the indications of the pop-up window to complete the update.
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5: Select Genshin Impact on the home screen, press the Options button and select Search update .

Rewards for the Maintenance Period during the Update 2.1

Mihoyo will have a gesture with the players for the inconvenience caused by this update. The five hours of maintenance will be compensated with a total of 300 protogems ; That is, at a rate of 60 protogems per hour of maintenance. Although the period may end before 05:00 (CEST), all players will receive their 300 protogems.

Among all the news of the update, the new Teyvat fishing system stands out, new domains of the Crusade at Narukami Island – Tenshukaku and New Islands of Inazuma: Isla Seirai and Watatsumi Island .

To play in the new islands of version 2.1 (Isla Seirai and Watatsumi Island) it is necessary to have reached the range of adventure 30 or higher and have completed the Mission of Archon «Chapter II, Act I: The Immutable Goddess and Eternal Utopia ».

The new characters, who will know in depth soon, are the following:

  • Shogun Raiden , The Eutymia Entity (Electro) 5 stars
  • Kujou Sara , La Archera Plumanegra (Electro) 4 stars
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi , The Pearl of Wisdom (Hydro) 5 stars
  • ALOY , The Savior of another world (Cryo) 5 stars

GENSHIN IMPACT , the successful game of action, RPG and open world exploration Free-to-Play, is available at PS4, PS5, PC and iOS and Android mobile devices.