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For the new character Shogun Raiden, your Amakumo fruits needs. Meinmmo introduces you the best locations.

What do you need the fruit? The Amakumo Fruit needs you when you want to rise the new 5-star character Shogun Raiden (Baal).

For the ascent she needs, 10, 20, 30, 45 and for the last climb 60 amacumo fruits. In addition, you need for the aim of storm beads, which you can only find on Seirai.

Where can you find the fruit? The fruit can only be found on the new island of Seirai, which has come with the update 2.1 to Genshin Impact. At the current time (September 5) you can only collect the fruit here.

If you have collected seed for the fruit, you can plant the fruit in your garden in your Teapot – the Housing in Genshin Impact -.

The best amakumo fruit locality

Here we introduce you to the most important localities for the fruit. We introduce you to both localities in the northern half as well as in the southern half. In the northern half you will not be damaged by the thunderstorm that rages at the beginning on Seirai.

At each marked location on the map you will find several fruits. The plants have blue leaves and in the middle are the pink colored fruits.

You have to consider: You can enter the southern part, but there is a violent thunderstorm. This can be removed if you conclude the quest around the new boss embodiment of thunder. As long as you do not shut down the quest, you will hurt every few seconds if you enter the southern area.

Here, however, there are the particularly worthwhile locations.

These are the northern localities: In the northern area you do not find so many fruits, yet there is a handful of worthwhile spots. This can be safely underneath, without having to hit the thunderstorm.

These are the southern sites : In the south there is significantly more localities. However, these are protected from the storm at the beginning and you get damage every few seconds. As soon as you have defeated the boss Copperation of Thunder for the first time, the storm completely disappears.

On average, the fruits grow every two days and behave like other, collectable items. If you have collected all the fruits, you have to wait a few days until the fruits are available again.

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