Tote cells The Bad Seed DLC Trailer shows new weapons and enemies

It is also confirmed for publication on 11 February.

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have a new gameplay trailer for published tote cells: the evil seeds, the upcoming paid DLC for the Roguelite Action Platformer. It shows the two new biomes, new enemies, environmental traps and much more. The development team also confirmed the publication date of February 11, which was recently published in the Microsoft Store.

Some of the new weapons include the soaked massive scythe, a katana and a seemingly lute. The beheady also gets some new tools for playing around, like a smoke bomb, which seems to make it invisible. He will need any help he can get, especially when Mama Tick is waiting for him in the heart of the swamp.

Tote cells: The evil seeds It costs $ 4.99 and should finance the further development of the title. So if you want more future content and free updates, it may be worth reading them. Further information about publishing the DLC for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch can be found here.

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