European League Quali Opponents of the Lions and the F chse Berlin are fixed

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North Baden, against the Portuguese top club on 21 September in Heidelberger Snp Dome, initially home right home, the decision on the entry into the group stage is then falling on September 28 in Lisbon.

Benfica Lisbon is a very attractive lot for us and at the same time a sporty hurdy hurdle in front of the group stage. We have to develop a good starting position in the home game, said Lion coach Klaus Gärtner. In the first round of qualifications, twice the German champion had succeeded against the Turkish Club Spor Toto SK Ankara.

Pullawy is waiting for the foxes

Meanwhile, the Füchse Berlin meet the Polish representative KS Azaty-Puelawy as. Pulawy is not known in detail, but I’ve seen that they have played against Kielce in preparation. They will have their entitlement to stand in the agony and are an opponent we take seriously, Trainer said Jaron Siewert . Nevertheless, we have also gone away from one or the other hammerless and have good opportunities to collect in the group stage.

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