This is how you solve the puzzle of the cube in Watatsumi in Genshin Impact

Since update 2.1, there are two new islands in Inazuma in Genshin Impact. One of them is called Watatsumi and houses one of the most complicated riddles of the game to date. Watatsumi explains the riddle in more detail and gives you the solutions.

Why is it? It is the puzzle with the eight dice in Watatsumi, some of which can be moved and others do not. Next to the puzzle there is a book that explains how everything should work. However, you have to think carefully and preferably have a pencil and paper or painting ready. This riddle is not so easy to solve in your head.

This puzzle can be resolved a total of three times. You have to log in again to start at the position of the cube or you will teleport to another location and then you return there. Each time the dice change and look for a different order.

Do you just want a quick solution? Then, you can use the table of content to reach the point Easy and fast solution for all cubes puzzles. For those of you who only need a little push to solve the puzzle and would like to solve it yourself, the explanations below.


  • Location of cube puzzle
  • This is how the cubes puzzle works in Watatsumi

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* Fast and easy solution for all cubes puzzles.

Location of cube puzzle

Where do you find exactly the riddle? The puzzle is located southeast in the mountains that surround the Sanctuary Sangonomiya in Watatsumi. It is just above the teleporter, which is also there.