Impact of Genshin This is how you can easily get 190 veterans for free

Isla Seirai in front of Inazuma in Genshin Impact has a sanctuary inhabited by a cute talking cat named Neko. missions tells you how you can get 190 veterans and even a useful cat recipe.

Primary rock is of particular interest in Genshin Impact for two things: filling banners and resin. This is basically the currency to get new characters or weapons in the stakeholders. Consequently, each Genshin player is thirsty for free veterans. Then, contrary to the saying, this black cat probably brings luck with him.

How do you unlock the missions? NEKO can reward yourself abundantly, you must first meet certain requirements:

  • Talk to Kathersyne in Inazuma, the capital, to start the world missions Seirei Storm Hunters.
  • Complete the series of missions Storm Hunters of Seior.

How can you get to Neko? The cat is located in the sanctuary assembly on Isla Seirai. During the first mission of Storm Chasers of Seirei you have to go directly to her and fix her donation box.

There is also a comfortable teleporter nearby you can activate.


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The NEKO cat treats you with veterans

How do you get the hands of Neko? Once you have completed the world missions of Seirei Storm Hunters, you can go back with Neko, which has a new set of missions ready for you. There are a total of nine pieces, all of which contain different orders. The series is called Neko is a cat.

However, you can only accept a mission per day and you must return to it every day to start the next one. Each mission gives you 20 veterans as a reward. The last mission even brings you 30 veterans.

In the fourth day of the Quest series, you will receive, in addition to the veteran, the recipe of the delicious and toning food for cat food. This dish allows you to restore 30% of your life points (HP) and regenerate 790 HP for 30 seconds, every 5 seconds.

What looks like orders? All the jobs that Neko gives you should not be a problem for you. For example, you have to cleanse the sanctuary with an anemo character, talk with other kittens or bring objects to certain people.

In any case, have the following elements ready for the fourth mission:

  • 12x fish
  • 6x raw meat
  • 9x algae.
  • 3x rice

These global missions with Neko do not appear in the administration of Yashiro in the Kamisato mansion under prestigious missions.

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