Genshin Impact goes against one of the most important fan

Mohoyo, the Macher Vegent Senshin Impact, went strongly against leakers and fan pages in recent weeks, which contains leaks. Honey Impact was now hit – one of the most important fan pages for information about the game. Meinmmo reports on the incidents and community reactions.

Honey Impact has the largest collection of data, facts, pictures and general information about Genshin Impact. She has become an important resource for many content creators and players. She also houses Leaks to coming content in the game.

What had happened between Genshin and Honey Impact? The owner wrote a tweet in which he said that Genshin Impact tries to close the page behind back:

What are Hosting Providers and Cloudflare? A hosting provider, such as Ionos-as, is there to use a website live and make it accessible to users. You can also determine the web address of its page. Something like CloudFlare should, roughly said, provide more security and speed on websites.

On the page itself you can win a full overview of the messages sent by Mihoyo (via Honey Impact). They had informed the Honey Impact hosting service, Ionos-as, about the violation of copyright rights and asked to host the site no longer under genshin.honeyhunterworld.com . Cloudflare was also notified with this content.

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Honey Impact owner is angry with Mihoyo

The owner of Honey Impact is safe:

Instead, Mohoyo contact us or personally, try to disappear to us from the picture area. (Which is not surprising, as you know how greedy they are for money and blackmailing to your corporate policy)

Via Honey Impact

He called to mark Mihoyo publicly, while dividing this post to social media. The owner is erased and sad that even other pages and content creators would suffer from it, as they would use Honey Impact as a resource. You would now certainly get problems.

He does not understand why Mohoyo requires that his entire page should be taken offline. He could take the pages offline, which the Genshin Impact makers do not consider appropriate.

He also believes that it would be a gray area to ban people content or fan pages to create just because Mihoyo is the owners of the game.

So applied as Honey IMPACT was, they created a footer for a short time, which reflects the rage:

So respectful wow pic.twitter.com/bcut73o8ls

  • Nogami Ventus (@nogamiv) September 12, 2021

But after this had caused a turmoil in the community and in the comments of Honey Impact, he was deleted. Some of the community want to visit this page again.

A well-known Youtuber and Streamer even created a video in which he criticized the footer (via YouTube). It is AsianianStream, also known as ATSU. He already produces content for and with Genshin Impact.

He lit in his video the racist statements in the former footer of the site, which was probably ultimately made sure that the owner removed the footer. Atsu was also very committed to the Genshin Impact racism debate between two other streamers.

What happens now with Honey Impact? Will the page soon never be accessible? So far, that does not seem so. Honey Impact wrote in a tweet that you’ll keep your page elsewhere elsewhere (Via Twitter). In addition, you want to remove water marks and everything the copyright violates from the page.

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Never again Leaks? Community demands Road Map

Not only Honey Impact was stopped by Mihoyo to acknowledge the leaks and side. Also Billilli, almost the Chinese YouTube, was sued by Genshin Impact (Via Twitter). They wanted to achieve that the platform asks personal information about the leader. The site was partially offline and limited accessible.

As a result, well-known Twitter leakers, such as ABC64, Sukuna and Yoimiya Impact deleted their account. Dimbreath still has its Twitter account, but has written a tweet on September 9, which suggests that, in turn, no leaks will follow (via Twitter).

How does the community respond? The community is divided between party 1: We understand Mihoyo and party 2: Leaks are what motivates us . While Party 1 says that the makers work hard and of course do not want all weeks in advance, says Party 2 that they can save on certain characters and are also charged to invest money into play.

In addition, a Twitter user wrote a request that has been shared on reddit and has generated almost 21,000 up votes within a few days (via reddit). It’s about this tweet:

The reddit users have the following to say:

Vodkasheep: You (Mihoyo) had a road map for patch 1.1-1.3, but stopped because they did not want people to plan in advance. Maximizes the pulse purchase. (Via Reddit)
Leshawkcomics brings the Raiden Shogun Banner as an example, which was also known forever: Baal was hooked before the release, also with her mistakes, she was the best banner. (Oriented at sales) many people I know, put extra real money for you to whale to whale (= spend a lot of money). (…) (via reddit)
Substiantial fan 9582 is safe: Road maps are always welcome. However, you should have realized that all Gacha games based on the weakness of man aka impulsive buy are based, except you have never played a gacha game. So, the road map is welcome, but probably will not happen. (Via Reddit)
Hajiishere: The funny is, people want road maps for characters, but they probably make rather road maps for other content, which somehow already do every six weeks. (Via Reddit)

So it remains to be seen how Mohoyo proceeds further in the future and whether it will give leaks to patch 2.3 in the form, as it has now been at 2.2.

What do you think about the escapade between Mihoyo and the community? Do you think you exaggerate or have the right to ban Leaks? Does her belong to party 1 or 2? Write it into the comments.

Speaking of Leaks. We have summarized the existing leaks in this article: Genshin Impact: Everything to Patch 2.2 – Leaks, Release, Banner, Characters