The Legend of Neverland el MMORPG que plagia a Genshin Impact

Today we are going to talk about a mmorpg that apparently is inspired by Genshin Impact in some aspects. This title developed by Gameark is called The Legend of Neverland .

Although the two games are different (although it is only because of its gender), we can notice similarities like the design of some characters that resemble those of Genshin Impact or Attachment close to the of Teyvat. For example, some characters look a lot like Amber or Lumine. However, The Legend of Neverland is a MMORPG where you can create your avatar in your image.

The choice of style is also a choice that does not facilitate the difference between the two titles, as it uses a sleeve style that is also present in Genshin Impact. Another point that can be interpreted as an inspiration concerns the fairies that will accompany you at The Legend of Neverland, which seem an equivalent of Paimon unless they are effectively creatures that will help you in combat and during your adventure. In addition, they will be available at section of Gacha.

We found in both games a gameplay dynamic and the big difference we see at this point is that on the Genshin Impact side, it is a team formed by four characters with which it will be necessary to change to achieve maximum damage. At The Legend of Neverland, we are facing a class system that are also consisting of four (warrior, archer, magician and artillery), at least at the beginning. Unlike Genshin Impact, where there are only three types of blows that your heroes have, here is a slightly broader range since they have a total of six blows (a basic attack and five skills).

The biggest difference is that the MMO has mounts (balloons, creatures, drones) and cosmetics to dress your avatars. We also find the automatic mobile MMORPG system to facilitate your progress. Subsequently, there are also features that can be found in Genshin Impact as houses, Kitchen or Fishing, But these are not elements that are specific to the title of MiHoyo.

In the end, of course, The Legend of Neverland can be considered as a clone of Genshin Impact, but it has its own characteristics that you can not find in the other game. In addition, it is a MMORPG, so the multiplayer is much more present where the title of Mihoyo. Undoubtedly, we will have to wait for Europe to reach Europe. At the moment, it has only been released in Asia. And finally, here is a video that shows the features you find in the game.

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