Genshin Impact Kokomi is the new character of the game and is presented with this video

The next Genshin Impact Banner will have character of 5 stars of Kokomi. It is a descendant of the Sangonomiya lineage and was predestined to be a governess of the island Watatsumi. But he prefers to hear the wishes of The inhabitants of the island, and Kokomi know that she is not exactly a good ruler, doing everything possible to guide them and win the war that is pounded in inazuma.

As for dubbing , Risa Mei is responsible for Kokomi in English, while Suzuko Mimori is the Japanese voice of her. With her title Pearl of Knowledge , Kokomi is not only the authority of Watatsumi, but above all a Suma Priestess often called His Highness of her of her in the game. She is very good in the art of war and very good strategist. Mihoyo, however, tells us that Kokomi has a very mysterious hidden side …

Kokomi weapons and skills

MiHoyo has revealed more information about his game.

The Elementary Skill of She Phantom Jellyfish allows you to cure team members nearby, while inflicting Hydro damage to enemies in the area of ​​effect.

During the elementary break of it, Kokomi enters a state of Ceremonial Mantle . This increases the damage of it depending on the maximum HP. By hitting the enemies, the attacks cure the allies.

If you want to start configuring your kokomi, you should know that you will need to collect spectral shells, hearts and cores of the spectra, but also coral accounts in Watatsumi. She also thinks about going to fight against Hypostasis Hydro to get the dew of rejection.

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