Player Grinden in Genshin Impact Several hours for maximum rank the reward is laughable

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed as well as published by Chinese video game home miHoYo. It was launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and also iOS in September 2020, for PlayStation 5 in April 2021, as well as, as of September 2021, is planned for future launch on Nintendo Switch. The video game features an open-world environment as well as an action-based fight system, making use of important magic and also character-switching. Since its launch, the game has been free-to-play and also is generated income from via gacha video game mechanics where players can get brand-new characters, tools, and various other sources. Genshin Impact is the next title by miHoYo, adhering to Honkai Impact third (2016 ).
Genshin Impact takes location in the dream world of Teyvat, which is home to seven distinctive countries, each of which is connected to an aspect and also ruled by a god associated with it. The story follows a double, described as the Tourist (with the sex chosen by the gamer), who has traveled across lots of various other worlds however has become separated from their twin sibling (of the opposite gender) in Teyvat. The Traveler takes a trip in search of their shed brother or sister with their friend Paimon, as well as ends up being entailed in the affairs of Teyvat’s countries and gods.
Advancement started in very early 2017, and was created to combine anime style with even more vital elements from actual world societies. To supplement the video game, miHoYo released a buddy manga, and has prepare for more linkup media. The video game got usually positive testimonials, with critics commending the battle and also open-world liberty, while some criticized its endgame material as well as money making version. A business success, the game earned over $1 billion within six months of launch.

Almost a year after the release of Senshin Impact, the first players have managed to reach the highest adventure rank. Several hours of grind were needed. But was that worth? In any case, the reward is very … modest.

What is the adventure rank? The Adventure Rank or Level is a mechanics in Genshin Impact, which mainly determines about your progress in the game.

This level is globally valid for your entire account and differs from the individual character levels. Accordingly, you get separate Exp.

The highest rank is currently at level 60 and it took almost a year until the first players have reached this rank. While the first 55 levels are relatively easy to reach, the last 5 ranks require a lot of grind to complete them.

A video of Revimy shows the first player who has reached this milestone two weeks before the first birthday of Genshin Impact:

Eternal Grind – for a few wishes and upgrade materials

What was the reward? For reaching the highest rank, the player got a few wishes, primogems and upgrade material for weapons and characters.

So if you expect a special reward for achieving rank 60, you should be disappointed. There is really much work necessary for that.

How long does it take to stage 60? It’s very hard to call an exact number. According to Gamesradar, it would not even be enough to complete all Daily orders, events and quests. That would bring one right to rank 58.

The first one who has done that has been needed for almost a year since Release until this success. That speaks for how high the effort is for it.

What happens after level 60? Apart from the reward change as good as nothing. Your EXP will now be converted to Mora. Rewards from daily tasks also bring almost twice the amount of Mora.

Did it be worth it? Everyone has to decide for themselves. Most players would probably expect a better reward for a few hours of grind. For others, only the success counts.

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What does the adventure rank actually be exactly? Especially at the beginning, the adventure rank turns off many mechanics in Genshin Impact free.

This includes:

New areas
Daily orders
The co-op mode

In addition, your world level also connects directly to the adventure rank. The adventure rank plays an important role for your progress.

You will find an overview of adventure rank with us: So you will be the adventure level in Genshin Impact the fastest.

What’s right in Genshin Impact? Next month is supposed to appear the update 2.2. There are already some leaks with new characters and Tsurumi , a new island in Inazuma.

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