Why Horizon Zero Dawn for PC plants so much and what can

The Horizon Zero Dawn port from PlayStation 4 to PC did not run smoothly for players. Many of them have encountered various graphic problems such as texture problems, character hair problems, problems, bugs and plants. While several critics praised the return of the Title PlayStation 2017, the PC port did not give him justice. For those who have been confronted with the problem after the crash of their game, you can do something, but it’s not a guaranteed solution.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC: An Amazing Game Gets A Disappointing Port

Some players on Reddit explained how they had to update their drivers first. Make sure all recent information is installed on your drivers and all updates are ready for use. After that, go to your settings and turn off the 16x Anisotrope filter setting. Deactivation seems to work for a handful of players and prevent them from planting. Play with the settings on your side to see if you can not remove the load load to prevent it from retiring to your desktop. You can also disable your Steam superposition to see if it helps you solve your graphic problems.

Beyond disturbing your settings and make sure you do not have other applications in the background, you can not do much. Players with modern computer hardware have encountered problems while they should not. These problems are not a question of attempt to reinstall the game, but it is the third company that properly branches the game to make it a successful portage. The problems did not arrive at everyone, but those who experience it said it made them live an unplayable experience. The best thing to do is wait for Guerrilla Games to apply some patches and corrects problems.