Sc Freiburg Coach Prank We were not good enough with the ball

Streich had the last successful 4-4-2 – in this starting formation brought the Breisgauer against Dortmund (2: 1), in Stuttgart (3: 2) and last against Cologne (1: 1) a total of seven points – withdrawn an offensive force and to converted to a 3-4-1-2. Striker Lucas Höler acted a bit withdrawn on the ten and made like the two outer storm Roland Sallai and Kevin pity, especially without ball much valuable running work and rubbed in two fights – but the trio did not come to a dangerous degree.

Only the substitute Vincenzo Grifo came directly before the final whistle to the only real Freiburg team chance, failed with his Schlenzer on Mainz-Lastmann Robin Zentner. Significant that this opportunity came about only by a Mainzer error, Anton Stach had jumped past the flank Woo-Yeong Jeongs.

Soccerist with air upwards

Other symptomatic scenes for the Freiburg share of the unsightly, tactically embossed combat and scalding play with lots of pieceworks, miscalculations and behavior of play grapes: two mills from the half-field, which fails short and flat the freestanding teammate on the outer train (Günter on Kübler, Sallai On Kübler) or the liberation trial of Philipp Lienhart, the center-back colleague Manuel Gulde met from a few meters on the face.

We were not good enough with the ball to have earned a victory, said prank. What still satisfied him: Even though we want to play footballery better, we have shown a certain stability and fought us a point in Mainz. That s good, okay and speaks for our attitude and approach. Everything else we have to analyze, train and in it getting better.

Praise for the starting element

Therefore, the 20-year-old debutant was a pity who had given preference to Grifo and Jeong because of his head of header and speed, praise for his work and good participation in many header duels. In terms of offensive play and goaloutness, he has to increase significantly – like the rest of the team. However, since Freiburg is further unbeaten and has already collected nine points, this deficit can be used relatively relaxed.