Toby Fox Deltaun plans to sell a total of 5 chapters

The Toby Fox developer announced the Delta Run s next plan. Deltaun consists of a total of five chapters, and from the next chapter, it is to be charged for a paid.

He was released on 18th, Deltaun Chapter 2 free to the official website. Since then, Delta Run chapter 2 development and the future plan. Delta Run started with the original development, but is now in team units. Tobi Fox said that the overall part was made by his team, and that he could finish the work safely with his team members.

In addition, he said he planned the next chapter. According to the announcement, Deltaun consists of a total of five chapters with a single, two chapters released for free. The Toby Fox developer is to complete the the future goal to the next chapter 3, 4, and 5. Subsequently, we plan to sell with a charge, including a chapter, including two chapters. The price is under, but it will be higher than undertail.

I did not disclose when to release the next chapter. However, TobiFox is a parallel chapter 2 and chapter 3 development, and Chapter 3 expects to be able to disclose it at a faster point of time. Deltaun Chapter 1 was open in 2018 and then the chapter was held in September 202, after three years.

On the other hand, Deltaun shares the Undertail and the worldview as the subsequent work that TobiFox released after undertail. Currently, chapter 2 was released, and the next chapter disclosure time and model are inexpensive.