Happy Birthday of Genshin Impact hails lousy reviews in the Google Play Store

Genhin Impact was a year old on September 28th. Matching the community distributes bad reviews in the Google Play Store and spammes only one sticker everywhere. Meinmmo tells you what s going on.

Happy Birthday, Genshin Impact! But that s not how Happy did not fall off the birthday, because the community is completely disappointed. Many were still hoping for a special announcement or surprise of Genshin Impact, in addition to the rewards and events they have preterted before.

As we have already reported on Meinmmo, the players are annoyed about the mickal gifts for the first birthday of Genshin Impact. Many fans hoped: There s something else! But there was nothing.

Senshin Impact was silent about additional rewards. Instead, they published a promotional video that was showered directly with 43,000 dislikes:

Google Play Store reviews sank from 4.6 to 1.9 stars

What did the community? For days new angry posts are repeatedly posted on social media, now the community has gone to distribute lousy reviews in the Google Play Store. They want to achieve that Genshin Impact sees how unhappy the fans are.

In Germany, the Google Play Store fell rating all the time from 4.6 to 1.9 stars. Meanwhile, some fans try to drive up the reviews because they find the reactions childish. Currently, the rating is 2.8 stars.

In addition, records of reviews report that 1-star ratings would be deleted.

The Twitter-User Eizeko even posted a picture where the ratings of 4.5 fell to 0.6 stars (Via Twitter).

The Genshin Impact routamer Enviosity also went together with his community on the Google Play Store Reviews of its region. He emphasized in the end, which ultimately came back anyway, if it was the first important banner rers with Ganyu and Hu Tao (via YouTube).

What writes the community in the reviews? The community mentions a past event in Liyue, where there was completely the same login rewards, as for the first birthday. Therefore, they are convinced that Genshin Impact does not bother and do not care about the anniversary.

The spelling was partly adapted to make the comments easier to read better, but nothing was changed in terms of content.

Link321 writes in the Play Store:

@Genshin Impact: I already play for 1 year for 1 year. I really love the game very (AR57), but see many complaints because of the anniversary and the whole crap, what makes her. And the anniversary reward is really a joke! I m sorry, so many have wanted a Free 5 . No matter which and 3k virgin – that s really a reward. But 1x 10er Pull? Your rating is really deep 4.6-1.9 . Today – on the year day – please do something! 5 Review is Save.

Via Google Play Store

Andreas Maisinger is of the opinion:

It s not about the amount of reward, but about the lack of use. What is this for a jubilee? It will not be celebrated. No new content, no special banner, not even a little bit of effort. A classic login event, which was done within 10 minutes. The web story was quite cool, but that s not very time-consuming. And the fears that nothing comes, there was already a month ago. Simply weak.

Via Google Play Store

Also Erol Adabas says:

Faulty, expensive characters, rewards of any kind – laughing for such a game that earns millions, even billions. No support, my 1 whale account AR55 was hacked, no response from support or Mihoyo. I started playing from the front because I love the game. My second account I started, I m AR56 meanwhile, but now the anniversary is an eartake … so you do not go with his players … enjoy the money what you did – thanks to us …

Via Google Play Store

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Qiqi Sticker Spam in Public Genshin Impact Discord

Who is Qiqi? Qiqi is a character from Genshin Impact, which has a sticker in the game and discord. The sticker has an expression of Na great , Uff or just … that implies silence.

This is what the public discord of Genshin Impact currently looks like: Each chat in the category Teyvat currently only one Qiqi sticker is being scamped. In between, one sees one or the other news, the criticism of the game or at those who spammers the stickers – nothing else.

The community has firmly made sure to show that they are dissatisfied with the handling of the first anniversary. Whether this brings something, remains questionable. So far, Genshin Impact has not expressed itself. What do you think about the reaction? Do you find that understandable or are you satisfied with what it has existed since September 28 for rewards and events? Write it into the comments. Fans rich action against Genshin Impact because they are unhappy about a skill