Live stream Genshin Impact patch 2 2 3 octobre

A new live stream takes place on Sunday, October 3, 2021 to address genshin impact , and more precisely the patch 2.2. This is the opportunity to approach the changes and novelties planned on Inazuma. If you do not know yet what to expect, the announcement of the next characters is predictable. But we can also hope to discover new areas of Inazuma.

Summary of the Live Stream GENshin Impact

The live has just started, and no worries for the moment!

We start directly with the trailer of the next version. Childe and Xinyan are revented again, while Thoma enters.

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The presentation of Thoma Suite, a new character Pyro handling the weapon of Has. He manages the flames and mixtures with his mastery of martial arts to fight.

Thoma is a 4 star character, so he does not have his own banner. In exchange, Tartaglia returns for the first part of the patch, followed by Hu Tao accompanied by the new character.

Thoma and Sayu get getaways in order to spend time with them.

A new island is available: Tsurumi Island. New ghostly monsters appear: elementary wolves.

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The first event presented is the labyritnh Warriors. A dungeon in which many challenges await the player. Two teams will advance in the field: fighters and media.

Shadow of the Ancients is an event that highlights the new update island.

Tuned to the World s Sounds highlights music by offering a challenge in which he can discover the favorite sounds of some characters.

The Dreams of Bloom event allows you to recover a special flower pack for the serengiaire.

The serengiaire welcomes a new place to decorate, unlockable at level 14.

A partnership between Genhin Impact and Razer is announced, with Razer stuff in the picture of the game. But rewards at stake are also planned.

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What can we expect from patch 2.2

With the patch 2.2, new characters should arrive on genshin impact . Thomas presentation is expected, but the second head of the patch is still a mystery. It should therefore be an rerun , with an old banner put forward. But the update 2.2 It s also an opportunity for PC and mobile players who do not have a PlayStation to finally claim their Aloy. They will have 6 weeks to recover the character for free.