It is launched in the Xbox mini refrigerator December which was started in Mim

Der Mac mini ist ein vom kalifornischen Computerhersteller Apple entwickelter Kompaktcomputer. Er wurde am 11. Januar 2005 auf der Macworld Expo in San Francisco der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt.
Im Laufe seiner Entwicklung verlor die Mac-mini-Serie das interne DVD-Laufwerk, erhielt jedoch ein integriertes Netzteil (statt des ursprünglichen externen) sowie einen Lüfter hinzu. Die Geräte zeichnen sich durch ihre geringe Größe, eine ausgewogene Energieverwaltung und einen niedrigen Geräuschpegel aus. Gefertigt wird der Mac mini von dem taiwanischen Auftragshersteller Foxconn.

Xbox Series X was a like refrigerator as a nematical appearance at the time of the first public. Since then, the Xbox refrigerator came to a kind of meme, and the XBOX series X Mini Refrigerator is released in December in December. Mim of gamers is a reality that is real.

Microsoft said on the 15th Xbox official website, the Xbox Series X Mini Refrigerator. The refrigerator is released in North America and the European market in December, and the price is $ 99.99 (about 120,000 won for Hanwha). In the United States, reservations will be launched through targets of monopoly sales from October 19 (local criteria), and will be sold in Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Italy.

However, it is noticeable to release Asia, including Korea. On the other hand, MS is trying to show the Xbox Mini Refrigerator to many fans, which are available for regulatory and approval procedures in 2022. It is a plan to gradually expand its sales area as North America and Europe.

The Xbox mini refrigerator can contain up to 10 can beverages, and two small shelves that can put sweets inside the door. The DC power adapter is mounted to use the refrigerator while the USB port and the movement to charge the refrigerator.