For Raids in Genshin Impact you have a clear opinion and clear wishes

We wanted to know if your Raid s Ingenshin IMPACT wants to see or not. Your clear opinions and have certain wishes for the feature.

What was the occasion of the survey? Many players have arrived in the endgame of Genshin Impact and would like to get more tasks. The winding abyss are not enough for them to deal with long term.

As a result, the theme of Raids came up again and again in the community and we wondered what they would think of Raids as a future feature in the endgame.

Here are your answers: Overall there were 4084 participants who have matched as follows:

Yes – 78.67% (3213 votes)
No – 13,08% (534 votes)
No matter – 8.25% (337 votes)

Although nearly 79% of the belief that there should be RAIDs in Genshin Impact, but you usually have to querize wishes. These should be fulfilled, otherwise you would be against it. MeinMMo reader Dschinn has summarized many of your comments in his post:

I believe that the topic has been on the table of Mihoyo for a long time. I think the idea is great, unless it is well thought out and Genbalanced.

The way the fights are in this game can offer many possibilities.

Unfortunately, the community is very sensitive when it comes to rewards hust birthday event hust , so you should think of something really fair. A suggestion would be to achieve that perhaps:

  • Customizable difficulty levels

  • Scaling the group size / adventure level

  • seasonal affixes [= buffs, debuffs] (so that it will not be boring too fast)

  • Cosmetic rewards, achievements

  • intuitive mechanics

It should feel well and boost the multiplayer something. I play mainly solo, but that s just because the interaction with my friends feels more semi-good. To visit the world of someone is more likely to lose the things empty with my friends (except for the boxes) and the spheres I can make the fastest solo on the highest rank. Raids or the like could fill this hole – if you do it right.

MeinmMo reader Aldalindo adds:

[…] I finish great. Of course that would have to be well thought out and healing, elements, etc. are involved in a fight, but as a real end content for the multiplayer would be nice (maybe AR55) …

Probably works only in groups that know something. I have done so my negative experience at this icy tree, if some with Kyro click on Kyro and wonders barely / no harm …

It s best with the introduction of guilds, because then these group events are much better to address and it s still a feature that is quite a lot of wishes. […]

So you want to have the opportunity to play RAIDs alone or something like guilds to take chosen members in the fight and to be able to judge perfect before.

In addition, you would like to change in the Raid s variety and appropriate rewards for the fighting. The MeinmMo reader Alex also has the idea that one could take up to eight troop members in Raids, instead of the usual four.

Your criticism of RAIDS in Genhin Impact

Why do not you want RAIDs in Genshin Impact? Those of you who voted no do not want to play with others together in the co-op. They sensed it as a stupid when special or useful Loot is behind Koop Content:

Honestly? No. I only play solo and in itself I reluctantly play multiplayer – at least in such activities. When there are RAIDs, there are at Genshin s Itemstyl stuff in it, which one needs almost mandatory afterwards and then I would be forced to play with others, what I do not want at all.

MeinMMO reader Malo

Kraeuschen has a different concern:

Raids, yes, exactly and then go: have you C6 [= the 6th constellation has been unlocked]? Not? Bye …

Star paintings ensure that characters unlock certain skills and strengths. A C6 Ayaka would be far superior to a C0 Ayaka. Thus, some groups would certainly be exclusively looking for specific characters with a sound so far a constellation.

This would make the group search more difficult for those who do not put money into the game or have no luck to the banners.

MeinMMo reader Binanderers proposes to spare the group contents and expand the challenges through a lorrowing KI and higher difficulty levels.

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My thoughts on Raids in Genshin Impact

I think about the feature

Since I m genhin Impact not only private games, but also stream, I have a similar opinion on both sides. If I only enjoy the game private, I even do not care if Raids would be a future feature. That would change if, as she says, special Loot would be hidden behind it.

I do not want to play with Random Xy due to the rewards, and might get up. There is also always trolls that exploit such features for annoying.

Aldalindo has already proposed a cool opportunity for consultation: guilds. That would not only increase contact with others, but you could also manage the few places in the friends list better.

My streamer view says something else. Since I have a solid Genshin community, I would have reliable people with whom I could handle the raids. It would be a welcome change as a streamer and as a spectator. I celebrate coop content in streams very much and like to use every opportunity to play with viewers.

However, as she says, balancing, matching loot, arrangement of the RAID participants and various levels of difficulty. An example of balancing and to make craushers to erasure: In a RAID all constant images of a character could be automatically activated or deactivated.

Accordingly, I would agree yes, but … .


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