Inscryption Cabin puzzle guide

Hello, card playmates. So it has been submerged in the complex but rewarding depths of the ccg elements of ciprado . But what about all strange riddles and crippical nonsense scattered around Leshy s cabin? What secrets do they keep? Well, that s what this encryption Caball puzzle guide is for.

Inscryption Cabin Puzzle Guide – Painting Solution

In general terms, there are two types of riddles in Leshy s cabin. The first set of riddles will be covered here and is intended to provide an additional advantage against more difficult encounters. Fortunately, they are relatively simple once you know what to look for.

First, go to the framed paint. There should be one on the wall on your right as it goes to the vault. When I look at it for the first time, it will only show an empty table. But return from one race to another and you will see the game board with certain creature cards placed in a certain order. Memorize this immediately and repeat your location while playing during this race. You will know that he did it well when the screen is briefly pixed and heard a distorted bell.

Finish the match, then stand up again and go back to painting. There must be an element in the paint. Click on it and take the item from the paint. Take it back to the table and the element s ability will be added to the table and will be transferred by the rest of the game. Repeat this process and you will receive more help.

The first time you do this, you will unlock a four-leaf clover. Using this will allow you to update the group of reward cards that are offered. The second time you do, you will get an extra candle, essentially an extra life for you to use it between executions. In addition, when you enter a bosses fight, when those flames are extinguished to prepare the scenario, you will get an additional smoke letter to use in resources and strategies. The third time you do, you can actively change the treadmills of your resource deck in bees letters. This is huge because bees can attack and fly, an important improvement if you want to play more aggressively.

On the subject of getting more smoke. Go to the shelf behind Leshy from time to time. There are three candles on that shelf and one of them will light up. Click on the light to turn it off. Once you have done this three times, you will receive a message from Leshy. Now, every time you receive smoke charts during the heads of bosses, they will be letters of great smoke. They will have higher statistics, they will give you more bones and everything at no additional cost.

In addition, there is also a human skull on this shelf. While playing, the skull will begin to be filled with metallic teeth. Click on these teeth and will be added to the overflow container. This is good if you need additional help to buy trapping skins.

Cuckoo watch inscrryption

Then, go to the cuckoo clock. When you click on the different dials, you can manipulate the clock handles. Start to turn the dials until the clock sphere dial 11:00. At the moment when you do this, a compartment will open with a ring inside.

This will be very helpful much later. Just before the final fight of the boss with Leshy, several last minute tests will be given; Think of a more extreme version of the challenges of the inhabitants of the caverns. But one of those tests will pass it automatically if you have this ring in your person. This guarantees a last great impulse or ability just before the final confrontation.

The second series of riddles of this section of ciprado like that is how you can escape from the sickly of Leshy and leave the cabin. A fair warning, this series of riddles will become a bit crazy.

First, open the tutorial book immediately and browse the pages. Finally, you will find a page that has a secure combination written with blood. Get up and go to the safe next to the carved wooden figures. Check the combination and the safe will open, revealing a new Stinkbug card that will be added to your initial group, as well as a key.

Take this key to the closed closet on the side of the Leshy cabin. Once this is done, you will see four closed drawers. Each of these cabinets is blocked by mini puzzles that use the basic rules and mechanics of the card game. The trick consists of organizing the notches so that a single attack meets up to five points of damage, at which time the drawer will open and can continue. There are brass lines that prevent certain notches from moving, so half of the puzzle is to find out what will have to be solved. Fortunately, notches can only move up and down, so it does not feel completely overwhelming.

Cifrado Cabin puzzle guide: Solutions for drawers

The first of these drawers is really simple. Simply move all notches to the attack row and press the bell. You re done. Collect your new card and enjoy.

The second of these drawers begins to use more complex mechanics such as flying and the mechanics of slit lizard tail. This will require a little effort, but the solution should be this. In its attack row from left to right you must be the flying blocker 1 | 2, an empty space, the notch 3 | 2 and the Lizard Tail 1 | 2. Apart from the only lizard-tailed notch 1 | 2 In the defensive row (which can not be moved), the rest of the defensive row must be blank.

The third of these drawers emphasizes the stealth of the army of ants of ants. The more one is at stake, the greater it will be your power of attack. The solution is that your attack row should have all ant notches | 2 lists, except the right central section. That should have steering wheel 2 | 3. Finally, the defense row must have from left to right the two lizard-tailed notches of 1 | 2 Followed by nothing. The resolution of this is the first two notches that match the lizard-tailed tabs, the steering wheel passes over the blocker by two and the last ant notch hits a total of 3 thanks to the group s ability.

Finally, there is the fourth drawer, one that takes advantage of the tip defense and the skunk skill. Undoubtedly, this is the most frustrating puzzle of the drawers just for how complicated it is.

Fortunately, I have found the solution. The attack row should go on the next order from left to right: nothing, 1 | 1 BI STRIKE, 1 | 1 BI STRIKE, then the notch 3 | 2. The defense row must be the next left to right: peak 1 | 2, nothing, lizard tail 1 | 2 and nothing. The way it is solved is that the first double blow hits the barbed armature, canceling that its second blow activates the notch of the lizard tail. The second notch of BI STRIKE hits the left and right empty slots for two damage, and since the tab and the ability to change the lizard tail did not activate, 3 | 2 Go through victory.

Cifrado Embedled Wolf

Very well, now that everything has been done, I should have obtained a handful of good cards, a carved squirrel head for use with the totems of the wooden carner; Seriously, getting any type of improvement in your treadmill is an advantage, and a special card called «Embedled Wolf».

From here, you play Leshy s game until you reach a sacrificial altar. He sacrifices the sealed wolf immediately. Once you do this, you should hear a strong noise in the cabin. Get up and go back to Leshy s shelf. You should see the destroyed remains of a cage that contains a wooden statue of a wolf.

Take this Wolf Statue and take it to the mechanism that you see to the right of the locked cabinet. I should see a small sangria on the shelf next to the size of a squirrel that holds a knife. Place the wolf statue in the bleeding and the arms of the squirrel should be opened. Take the knife and take it to the table.

Cifrado Cabin puzzle guide: Dagger and ocular balloons

This is where things get a little horrible. Now, every time you start a new career, you will start with the knife in front of the table. As for what you do, you can use it to get your eye out and immediately inflict four damage to Leshy during a game. But he loses part of his vision in the process.

From here, play until you lose with Leshy and create a new Letter of Death. You should get a scene that shows a mysterious green appearance figure painting the dagger.

Once this scene is concluded, use the dagger again and then win a game. If he does it well, Leshy will take a chest full of spare ocular balloons and will offer a replacement. Look for an eyeball that shines with cyan glyphs and select it. Congratulations, now you can see a mysterious painting that has scribbled cryptic messages throughout the cabin.

In fact, the most important track is on the chest of which you took the eyeball. He says: Find salvation on the cuckoo clock.

Naturally, return to the cuckoo clock and you will see marks highlighted by painting. Organize the clock handles until they align with these marks and another compartment will open. Within this compartment is the STUTONED WOLF card and a film roll.

After that comes the difficult part. Now you must successfully complete your career until the end and beat Leshy in the final battle. Once you do this, an alternative scene will be played on which you can take the Leshy camera, insert the film roll into the inside and catch it. From there, move towards the floating symbol «New game», restart the game and select the new game option (originally on gray) in the start menu. Congratulations, now it s out of Leshy s cabin and in the rest of ciprado . But if you need a little help to overcome those chief fights or maybe you need a review on how the various mapping locations and card types work, we have it covered.