Impact of Genshin How to clear the fog on Tsurumi Island

The Genshin Impact 2.2 update recently added Tsurumi Island as a destination, completing the Inazuma region. However, there is a problem with Tsurumi Island: You can not explore it because of the dense fog that blocks your way. It is necessary to perform a global mission to clear the fog. We have already explained how to get to Tsurumi Island, but here is How to complete the Mission Through The Mists and clear the island of Tsurumi island in Genshin Impact .

How to clear the island fog tsurumi in Genshin Impact

The search begins through the fog.

To start this line of missions, talk with Katheryne in the adventurers guild. She will send you to speak with an author in the city of Inazuma called Humida. This author will send you to speak with Kama in Ritou, northwest. Kama will take you to Tsurumi Island in the boat of him and then he will ask you to enter the fog.

The disturbing story of Tsurumi Island and Ruu
Follow the way to the search area marked on the map. Then he crosses the big doors of Stone he mentioned Kama to avoid losing you in the fog. They look like this:

After passing through the doors, much of the fog of Tsurumi island will be cleared and a child called Ruu will appear. Go to the score to follow Ruu and continue the search.

collects thunderbird feathers

Twisted trees can be found on Tsurumi Island, as well as Thunder Sakura trees in Kannazuka. It interacts with the Tsurumi trees and three feathers will be scattered. You must find them with your elementary sight and return them to the tree for this part of the Through The Mists mission.

Doing this inside each area with fog will make the fog dissipate, making everything visible again on Tsurumi Island. After interacting with the first tree next to Ruu and the brothers of him, go to the next search marker and talk to a man named Mata. He stands near the giant stone arch. After the conversation, you have the task of finding three more trees with which to interact on Tsurumi Island.

Tree of the Sanctuary of Chirai

The nearest tree is that of the Shrine Chirai, in the cloud of fogger east of the map. Follow the small bright white stone markers to get to the tree. It is at the bottom of the Chirai Sanctuary.

These three feathers are easily accessible, but you will have to fight against the enemies of Ruin and the Rifthounds to recover them. Follow your traces using your elementary view to find them. One is underground right in front of the tree, another is close to the enemies and the third will take you through a phase door on a cliff near the tree.

Shirikoro peak tree

The Shirikoro peak is the next area full of fog if we move west through the Trusumi Island map from the Chirai Sanctuary. Collect the feathers here involves solving a series of riddles.

First, you ll have to put three Seelies back on your pedestals in front of the tree here. The first is on the way to the tree, so it is difficult to overlook it. The second is to the right of the tree on a branch, and the third is to the left of the tree. The three are directed towards their respective pedestals, like most puzzles Seelie Trio.

Collect the three Seeeis will lower the water level, which will allow you to look for the feathers under the tree. A feather is easy to lift while the other two float away from you, through a closed door.

The door will open once you complete a Relay Stone puzzle. Place a relay stone on each side of the stacking stones that are on the right and to the left of the closed door.

This should unlock the switch that opens the door, which leads to another similar puzzle. You must lower the water level here finding three seelies in this room again. Once the water level goes down, jump to the well and use a relay stone to activate a switch there, after defeating more enemies of ruin.

Finally, place two relay stones on each side of the accumulation stones at the door, as in the previous room. This will take you directly to the final feather.

Tree of the Auteke plains

The Auteke Plains tree is in the fog that is located at the west end of Tsurumi Island. And do not worry, these feathers are much easier to get.

All you have to do is defeat some enemy Hilichurls, Ruins and Rifthounds to get them. Everything is combat and there is no puzzle for these feathers.

After finding them all, return to the location of the giant stone arch. Everyone will have gone. Return to Kama to leave Tsurumi Island. Once you have talked again with Humid, the mission will be complete.

That s all you need to know How to clear the fog of Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact . Make sure you check our wiki guide to get more advice, tricks and other general information about the game. Similar items What s new in the GENSHIN IMPACT 2.2 update? Everything we know so far Genshin Impact Update 2.2 reveals Thoma s first game and movements in new videos Version 2.2 of Genshin Impact is revealed: Bring many characters, events and new content All Genshin Impact Year 1 Badge Events, Classifieds Worst A Best A fan of Genshin Impact celebrates him s first birthday with a touching animation