Players in Genshin Impact uses Glitch to build gigantic dinos

In the pot of transience, the Housing system of Gengenshin Impact, a player uses an existing glitch perfectly to build gigantic dinosaurs.

The item Kanne of Transience allows you to immerse yourself in the Housing system of Genshin Impact. There you can choose various topics and build your own little world in which you can place your characters. How to unlock the Housing system, we have described you in this article on MeinMMO.

This glitch uses the talented player: The Glitch, which is used by him, is the clipping glitch . Here you have to place any object on the floor and then take a second object that shakes her game between the first object and the free surface back and forth.

Pay attention to the marking of the item between blue and red:

Blue stands for the object to be set up.
Red indicates that something is in the way.

If you do that fast enough, the object will only have a blue mark and you can park him wherever you want. You can even place two pieces of furniture afterwards.

The video shows you again, as this and some other glitches work in practice:

Player creates detailed and grandiose dinosaurs

Who is behind it? The talented player comes from China and is called 烤 硬币 3 块 半 (Google Translate translates the 3 1/2 roasted coins on the video platform Bilibili (via bilibili). He releases his gigantic creatures there and partly shows how he builds them.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

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The artist created: The video has over half a million calls and shows the king of the dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Everyone knows this gigantic carnivore – be it from the movie Jurassic Park or a museum.

As a lower jaw, the builder took the new fish tank to help and sparkle a chair. In the video, he puts on it and leaves the character Qiqi as dessert for the Rex.

Godzilla, Stegosaurus and the blue dragon with the ice cold view

In addition to dinosaurs, such as the T-Rex or a Stegosaurus, the player also builds classical creatures from well-known series. Among other things, the fear influencing Godzilla or the blue dragon with ice-cold view from the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!.

There comes a certain nostalgia feeling.

For those of you who can do nothing with creatures and animes, the artist even builds machines:

Panzer (via bilibili)
Hubschrauber (via bilibili)
Fighter aircraft (via bilibili)

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Azhdaha from Genshin Impact is an absolute hit

This is his most famous work: The video with the BOSS called Azhdaha from Genshin Impact has so far reached over 11 million views and is thus the mostly clicked on its bilibili channel.

What does he use for his dinos and other works of art? The Chinese player mainly uses the following materials quite often, which you can buy in the treasury in the Housing system:

Royal Palatstone, for larger structures – Price: 80 Kanntaler per piece
Sun spiren, for the feet or cocks – Price: 80 Kanntaler per piece

2 different varieties AdeptenBstone, for eyes, horns and spines – Price: 120 Kanntaler per piece
Craftbar: Hütte of the Hilichurl Outpost, for the body – Cost: 12x birch wood

Furthermore, he uses a lot of other stone and tree species in his buildings, which usually cost between 40 and 80 can. Except for the hut you can only buy each of these items three times a day before you have to wait 24 hours, so that the shop has refilled.

So you can imagine how much patience, cannal, time and endurance of these players have put into his works.

What do you say about these works of art? Was her already in the Housing system of Genshin Impact or borrowed that? Write us in the comments.

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