GENSHIN IMPACT Warriors of the Labyrinth Date and Info of the event

The doors of the OnMyou room have just opened, revealing the creatures that are terrous. But with the event Warriors of the labyrinth , browse the corridors of this strange place with your best teams in genshin impact . Form two teams, and improve their capabilities with bonuses for exploration.

Event details in genshin impact

A strange place saw its doors open recently, revealing the horrors that hide there. The goal: Send a team of survived scouts in combat and a support team to get rid of monsters. And to help you in this quest, you will be able to strengthen your teams through unique spells. Improve them with relics found during your previous explorations, and repeat the operation to always find more treasures and make more objectives.

The event is divided into 4 phases at the end of which it is possible to obtain a free copy of Xinyan. But many other rewards await you throughout your exploration, including primary gem or materials. The shop also allows you to exchange the used plaques found in the onmyou room against gifts.

Date of the event Warriors of the Labyrinth

The event Labyrinth warriors lasts 25 days on genshin impact . He starts on October 21st and ended November 15th. During this period, browse the OnMyou Room to land the monsters present and get exclusive rewards. However, certain conditions must be completed in order to participate. Your adventure level must be 30 minimum, and two quests must be completed.

Genshin Impact Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1
Launch date – Jeudi 21 October, 11:00.
Date of end – lundi November 15, 3h59
Adventure level 30

Have completed the omnipresence quest on mortals

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