Genshin Impact Guide for the Event Domain of the Warrior

The new Genshin Impact event, the domain of the warrior, has just begun. It will last until the November 8 , and will allow you to get tablets that redeem for all kinds of rewards from the popular PlayStation, PC and Mobile Popular.

The previous event is still available, the sounds of the world , but here we explain how to find the mystic camera onmyou. The most important thing, keep in mind that the event began on October 21, and will end until November 8 at 3: 59 server time (you can redeem rewards until November 15).

GENSHIN IMPACT: Guide for the Event Domain of the Warrior

First of all, be sure to fulfill the Requirements :

Having reached the range of adventure 30 or higher
Have completed the Mission of Archon «CHAPTER II, ACT III: Omnipresence on mortals»

Follow the directions of the map to find the mystic camera onmyou . The test consists of two floors with several rooms, where you must activate mechanisms. When you activate the final mechanism of each floor you will fight against the bosses, when you activate those on the second floor, the test is finished.

First of all, you will have to choose the characters of the team, an attack team and another support . You must also choose 3 types of talismanes (there are 9), and keep in mind that you can not change them during the test.


In addition to the final mechanisms, there are several types of mechanisms with different effects:

Genshin Impact Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1
Specated mechanism: you will receive an amulet
Mechanism of training and war mechanism: invoke enemies
Healing mechanism: Healing the characters, revives them and allows you to modify the equipment
Final mechanism: it invokes enemy leaders


You can use the Magic Power of Shiki Taishou to free the power of talismanes and get bonuses in combat. In addition, by completing the challenges of training mechanisms and war mechanisms you will receive an opportunity to get an amulet and obtain bonuses in combat.

You can also get amulets in the spell mechanisms, although some may give you a curse with adverse effects on combat. You can also strengthen magical amulets if you get anomalous replicas.


By overcoming the martial tests of the challenges you will get protogems, hero wit, blackberries and other rewards. You will also receive old tablets when completing the test, to redeem by rewards at the event store.

In addition, when completing the mission the Taishou road and accumulating 4,000 ancient tablets during the tests, you can redeem 1000 tablets to invite Xinyan to the team.

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