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The new Genshin Impact event is so good that players want it to be permanent

Genshin Impact is a Fantasy Action Roleplay of the Chinese Developer Mihoyo for Windows, iOS, Android and PlayStation 4. It was released worldwide on September 28, 2020. A version for the PlayStation 5 appeared on April 28, 2021. A version for the Nintendo Switch was announced. The game became a financial success. After two weeks, $ 100 million could be generated; After a month, revenues were alone on the mobile versions of the game at $ 250 million. Genhin Impact received predominantly positive reviews.

The new Genshin Impact event, called Domain of the Warrior, has been a success between players. So much so, they expect to be is a permanent component of the game of Mihoyo .

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According to Gamesradar +, it barely takes a few days, but players and content creators already ask the developer to only add and forever in Genshin Impact .

In one of the most popular publications in Reddit, it will praise everything as it proves that Mihoyo can do more / better final game.

In fact, many have highlighted the potential of the event as an activity that could lead to Farmeos for a good time, instead of main content that is reserved for it.

The command of the warrior consists of processed man-generated dungeons in cameras and connected by walls with treasures, traps and buffals , but all have something inside.

In Certain cameras there are cure and in many other combats to opt for pavilions , which give bonus liabilities of increased damage, armor and rare objects.

These dungeons also allow to use more members of the usual , dividing active equipment and support, as well as being able to change between characters whenever one wants.

If do fire damage , for example, exchanges to Hu Tao support for assets and thus vary between damage and healing. Moreover, the choice of initials is more conditioned because three bonus are offered.

Undoubtedly, it is not the first time that the Genshin Impact players ask for permanent events like this in the game, since this benefits a lot of rejugability .

Even so, you should not wait long because The last word has it MiHoyo and this kind of thing need an internal consensus and assessment before given the approval .

But, given the insistence of these players , the popularity of the event and that we are a few weeks after the first anniversary of the game, maybe you announce something. You think the same ?