FC Bayern Prisonment for Lucas Hernandez Appearance obviously terminated

Lucas Hernández from FC Bayern continues to be a prison sentence in Spain. On Thursday, a period of ten days ends, until the district court Madrid decides whether the defender must be in jail for six months. After a long time of waiting, it is apparently scheduled, but when an objection is judged by Hernández .

Lucas Hernández had traveled to Madrid last Monday to answer for the Criminal Court 32 in Madrid. In 2017 he had disregarded a contact ban on his livestock Amelia Llorente, his today s wife. Both had driven after a reconciliation on vacation, the penalty was imposed in 2019 in connection with a scare dispute.

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In view of the now impending penalty sentence, Hernández had appealed before the next higher court, the Audiencia Provincial de Madrid. The ten-day period, until he has the detention, ends on Thursday, October 28th. The time is more than scarce for the French.

Two possibilities in case of an appeal

Now image reports that on Thursday the district court will proclaim the decision on the appeal. Thus, for Bavaria Munich, 80 million euro transfer is still a way to escape the detention.

If the court is granted to the objection, the case goes back to the criminal court. In this case, Hernández must first do not force the prison sentence, the duration and the type of detention would then need to be recently adjusted.

However, if the court refuse the opposition on Thursday, the Bayern Star must report to a prison in Spain immediately.

Lucas Hernández had never noticed himself from a Hernándezy view, as the threatening prison sentence employs him very much. The 29-fold French international stood both at the 4-0 away win in the Champions League near SL Benfica also on Saturday at the 4-0 success against the TSG Hoffenheim in the starting eleven.