You can now buy Intellivision Amico games

Intellivision AMICO is a console that is currently under development, and will eventually go on the market. However, it was recently revealed that physical games for this platform are already on sale in the form of packets that you can acquire for $ 80 and $ 150.

At this time you can enter the site of the IntelliVision Amico, and acquire its physical titles. This word is among quotation marks, since, while you get a box with a coin and collection cards, the game itself is included on an RFID card, a type of NFT, which you can use to download your Presence experience once the console reaches the market.

Although you need an Internet connection to download the game for the first time, you will be able to access this title without being connected. These are collection objects, and you can get them here. However, Basically discharge codes certainly does not feel like a physical copy. You can learn more about the IntelliVision Amico here.

Editor s note:

The IntelliVision Amico is basically a new Ouya, as it works with an Android system, and no one is interested in this platform. Although the promise of a new Earthworm Jim sounds interesting, this game does not justify the purchase of a console that offers titles that you feel like the garbage you can find in a Wii for only $ 1 dollar.

Via: Kotaku.