IFAB wants to permanently allow five change

The Rule Houses of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) have pronounced the maintenance of the previous exception with five instead of only three permitted players in international football.

Webinar on IFAB's presentation of 2020-2021 law changes discussed by Jan from Dutch Referee Blog

According to the recommendation of the technical committee of the IFAB from Wednesday, the respective organizers of competitions and leagues in the future can decide themselves as to whether they allow up to five issues.

The new regulation should apply without time limit. The current format should be maintained with three possible change-time points plus the half-time break. This was introduced in the course of the Corona Pandemic in May 2020 in many leagues as in the Bundesliga to take account of the increased burden on the professionals.

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The exception should end after the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. But she had been greeted by players and coaches almost without exception. Only a few leagues like the English Premier League remained at three times of the pandemic.