Battlefield 2042 presents three of its launching cards

Explosion protections are used to protect all kinds of civil engineering buildings and infrastructure against explosions or internal and external deflagrations. It has been widely accepted, until recently [when?], That a building subject to an explosive attack is likely to remain standing only if it has an extraordinary resistive capacity. This belief was based on the hypothesis that the specific impulse or the integral of pressure time, which is a dominant feature of the load of an explosion, is entirely out of our control.

You will resume a small discharge of Battlefield 2042 before leaving in front of your Knacki – semolina? Discharge, it is precisely the name of one of the three cards here in the spotlight, a trio that will be available from the official launch of the game, on November 19, and a week earlier for those who will pass through the box Deluxe edition.

These new environments have been made to exploit verticality, short as long distance, history of folding the adverse lines on board vehicles and exploding destructible buildings in a dynamic way regardless of the game mode concerned. Nestled in the west side of India, discharge will see the fights resonate in the shell dismounted from a failed ship, to multiply covers and combat closer while the bombs and the tanks are giving themselves Heart joy. It is here that a tornado is likely to fall at any time.

Battlefield 2042 - Official Reveal Trailer
Break will face the cold biting of Antarctica, not far from a platform offshore, with multiple zones and rope bridges to circulate from one point to another while the aerial battles do rage. Finally, Renewal is this famous card in the Egyptian desert, around a solar power station, with a large wall separating the two regions.

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Battlefield 2042 – Renewal cards, rupture and discharge