Genshin Impact Arataki Itto is the new character of 5 stars and we tell you everything about him

After several rumors about it, the new character of Genshin Impact has been officially announced officially. As usual for a few months, Mihoyo prefers to reveal the upcoming characters from him before they get filtered. Thus, this morning the two new 2.2 banners were presented and the developers have now revealed that Gorou and Itto will be the upcoming characters in making their appearance in the game. Of course, we already know Gorou since the arrival of Inazuma but ITTO is unpublished. Both make GEO element gala and here are details about them.

Presentation of Arataki Itto

Described as the Hémon Hero, he is the first and greatest leader of the Arataki. Intrepid and Veloz as the wind, the blood of an ONI flows through the veins of it. We are talking about a true warrior, since this new GEO character is feared above all by the power of him of him. The constellation of him bears the name of Tauro Iracundus.

With its devil horns and the muscular body of him, the 5-star character will probably take a heavy two-hand weapon and will be available with version 2.3 of Genshin Impact.

When can we summon Gorou?

As of October 13, the new temporary gachapon will have Tartaglia, Chongyun, Yanfei and Ningguang. At the beginning of November it will be Thomas s turn, a new 4-star character that will be on the banner next to 5 stars that has not yet been announced.

Gorou will not be available until update 2.3 of Genshin Impact. This patch will be visibly focused on the GEO power and the relationship between General Watatsumi and ITTO army. This great friend of Kazuha, is there a strong bond between the three characters? As a reminder, Gorou is a 4 star character and we can predict that he will not be in the same banner as it.

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