Call of Duty Vanguard reveals the first look at the World AT War map returning

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Call of Duty: Vanguard will have many new maps when it is launch in November, but it will also have some renewed versions of previous maps of Call of Duty. One of those maps is Dome, a classic Favorite battlefield of Treyarch s fans -called the world s duty at war. With the revelation of a roadmap and more this week by Activision, we have now seen the new version of Dome that will be present in vangugia as part of the multiplayer component of the game.

Activision and Sledgehammer Games revealed the first look at Dome this week with the image below showing the artwork of the map. A brief description of the map provided more context for those who are less familiar with mundo at war, but those who played the game often will not have trouble remembering the body-to-body fights that took place inside this building.

Dome: After serious damage to the Reichstag building in Berlin, the allied forces assail the bombed structure while the axis remains firm, said a general description of the map. «This asymmetric small sand is a reinvention of the iconic mundo at war.

This Dome map is, of course, only one of the various that will be in vangugia at the launch. The game will be launched with 16 maps in total, each of which can be seen below.

CALL OF DUTY: Vanguard throw maps

Battle of Berlin



Das haus.



Siege of the desert.


Eagle Nest


Hotel Royale.

Numa Numa.


Red Star

Secondary feathers


While these maps will be present when the game is launched, there will be more to come shortly after. The first season of the game and the first season of VANGUARDIA Integration in Call of Duty: War Zone, also: It begins in December and will bring new multiplayer maps, as well as additional content.

«As of December 2, Vanguard players can expect three new multiplayer maps, three unique operators, new content and zombies features as additional agreements, a new goal, new challenges, new weapons and more, said advertisements. In addition, this season marks the first battle pass system in vanguardia and zona of war, where up to 100 levels of elements, including a selection of free arms planes, cosmetic content and two functional weapons, are yours to unlock.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is scheduled to launch on November 5.