Small stadiums more equity DFB decides to measures 3rd league

Less conditions around the stadiums, more commitments for financial stability: The Bureau of the German Football Federation (DFB) has decided comprehensive changes for the 3rd league – and thus follows the recommendations of the Task Force Economic Stability 3. Liga. The most important changes at a glance.

Scottish League Two 2021/22 Stadiums

Equity: From the 2023/24 season, negative equity is sanctioned in the clubs. Then the equity must be increased annually by at least five percent. For desks from the 2nd Bundesliga, it must not be worsened, clubs with positive equity must be obtained. In case of violations, point trays can be imposed up to three points – right now, not only as before after three years.

Financial Fair Play : The principles of Financial Fair Play are integrated into the approval procedure for the 3rd league. A positive season result and as precisely possible financial planning will not only be rewarded by payments from a game pot, bad results can also be sanctioned with fines.

Spectator capacity of the stadiums: Already from the coming season 2022/23, the minimum capacity of 10.001 is lowered to 5001. The minimum number of seats (2000) and the prescribed quota for guests remain untouched. Even with a capacity of less than 10,000 spectators, at least 1000 cards for the away fans must be available. At a higher stadium capacity, at least ten percent of the total audience of the host association must be provided.

Raset heater: Another irritant topic of the past years. Although newcomers from the Regionalliga can still receive an exemption permit for their first third division year, but then have to use an evasive stadium with lawn heating or roofing in winter. If such a frost-resistant avoidance stadium is not organized, there are 25 percent less revenues from the central pot of the TV funds for the club in question. This regulation also applies from the coming season.

Fans: All 20 third divisions have to organize an open Fandialog three times a season. In addition, a full-time full-time fan officer must be employed.

Outlook: Oliver Manthey, representative of the fan organization Our curve and member of the TAST FORCE sees the commitment to the fandialogue and the edition to hire a full-time fan officer as milestones for the interests of the fans. However, he also demands: The revision of the financial fair play and the changes in the admission criteria are very important steps. Nevertheless, we pointed out several times that a task force for a single league is too short to tackle the great topics in football. Therefore, we challenge a bond and uniform task force, which develops contemporary solutions for structural problems in football.