Destiny 2 is a real problem and the content for new players

Destiny 2 has a growing problem. In its current state, it is disceriously difficult for new players to understand the world of Bungie s live service game and then to experience properly. And that s not just damn a pity, but it is always worse.

Recently, I had a conversation with two Destiny 2 enclosures. They wanted to gamble something else than warframe or borderlands. So I told you about Destiny 2 and invited them spontaneously. About Steam and New Light the entry is finally free. Practical to try everything first.

Destiny 2 is unique in his kind: Graphically and playfully find new players Destiny 2 awesome. It s still a game that has much to offer and in which many players meet for years every night to have fun.

All planets and locations are varied. There is so much to explore.
As a player is in the middle of this experience and that comes well.
The gunplay is excellent. Every weapon feels different and sounds different.
No matter if you are traveling alone or in a team, it s always entertaining.

Where is the problem? After a few missions and strikes we flew to H.E.L.M. There, the problem of Destiny 2 knocked on the door of the newcomers for the first time: the current story misery.

Everything you still knew from the introductory mission was: So I m a guardian and was touched by the light of the traveler. And what am I supposed to do now? And who is the weird guy there?

As a longtime Destiny 2 player you are standing next to crow and whatever. You may like the game, so you are also willing to help a newcomer, Get Herter-Like.

Okay pass! So that s crow and that s the guy who killed Cayde 6 and that s really a really big thing that he is back as guardian and we have to work with him again – though we murdered him. And …

I briefly thought how I could now summarize the complete, rousing Forsaken story into a pair of tight sentences. But I quickly realized: The emotions of this tragic DLC can not explain anyone with words.

Many story elements remain open or disappear

While I thought about what other Story elements would otherwise be important to you, I fell on three things.

First, that they did not know anything from their introductory mission.
Second, that everything I could tell you about Destiny 2 is also relevant.
Third, that it probably does not matter to you because you do not mean anything.

They would not understand with my words why Destiny 2 veterans have tried in a game to run faster because they knew exactly: there is a fight below Cayde 6 and he absolutely needs our backing. Anyone knows the rest who played forensen.

It was also a reason why crow, until now, Cayde 6 has not yet replaced.

2022 Destiny 2 loses the coolest turret heroes forever: This part of the story from 2018 is far too important. So I referred that they had luck with the time of their entry. Forsaken comes back until February 2022. Without having spent some time with Cayde 6, his murder means much less by Uldren Sov / Crow. Like the current history in the season of hunting and the season of the lost.

The content-vault swallows every story: How will that be 2022 if it does not give up with the witch king no more, which you can catch up? Then a large part of the previous game context is just gone. No Cayde 6, no story of the dreaming city with her curse. No background information about Savathun or the big entity that has encountered us for many extensions.

Relevant content rich back to Destiny 1: Where longtime players in Strike Savathuns Song have already fought on Titan against the witchen king, my two newcomers just said dry: Joa, that s okay, what she says. It just wants to get rid of her worm….

However, that the Queen of List has been manipulating us since Destiny 1, they will never know in the current Destiny 2.

Players are also difficult to get the contents: If you want to catch up on the story, you need the extensions that you need to buy. And even who does the power, Beyond Light does not understand all the connections again. This is just all based on stories that are still from Destiny 1.

Destiny Lore you should know before you play Destiny 2

In fact, there are huge gaps in the obvious story of Destiny 2, if you are newcomers. Bungie tells his stories really well. Through the new story approach it becomes even better in it. But if you come into the game about free-to-play, you can not see much of it.

That s why this can not understand a newcomer: At the moment it is very poorly possible to capture the entire story and then understand. If you start Destiny 2 in the current state as a newcomer, you would have to be previously before, for example via YouTube, the complete story history until the season of the lost view. What is damned a lot.

In my opinion, currently a much too big hurdle for newcomers.

Story is a lot of text and hidden: Bungie hides many of the critical, funny, interesting and significant background stories like Easter eggs. It s not just the videos that players lead through the Destiny story. For this game that s just the top top of the iceberg, you have to be clear about it.

Auch Meinmmo has already summarized the grandiose Destiny 2 -story:

Only those who read continuously in the Lores, experiences everything. This is a huge collection of armor, ships and Sparrows plus weapons and again hundreds of items.

Currently only the community closes this gap: This obvious gap is currently only closed by the longtime Destiny fans. Clan bosses, Youtuber, Veterans of Destiny 1 and 2. Basically all those who know the full story of Destiny, jump for bungie at the moment. They continue to tell the stories. But that will now be more difficult because it is more and more extensive, the older is Destiny.

Do not get me wrong. Personally, I have no problem with doing that and I also like to do it. But I do not believe that new players will ever appreciate the storytelling flow of Destiny 2.

For me, this was a personal experience. Over 6,000 hours of playing time tied by a fantastic Destiny 2 -story up to Season 15: the reason why I play Destiny 2 to this day.

Many stories and stories already lost Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 strokes players 2 years content for which they have paid

Destiny 2: Bungie Has NO Clue What To Do With ToO.
Destiny 2 extension Forsaken comes in Content Vault
Destiny 2 says the content vault is necessary – players still find him unnecessary

For new players, Destiny 2 simply no longer has the same meaning.

New players do not learn who are the characters and what fates they have.
They do not know who they are fighting, why they fight and above all for what they are fighting for.
All this keeps your interest in Destiny 2 never long enough upright to stay in it.

Therefore, new players lose the lust: At first this is all exciting. The mission offerings of Destiny 2 are finally well done, challenging and exciting. But as soon as all the content was played a few times, the hunt for a few weapons was successful, that stops. You do not even realize that you have not experienced the best stories of the game.

Bungie has to solve the problem if it wants to convince new players

Are bungie the new players do not care? Destiny 2 and thus bungie currently does nothing to wake up the long-term interest of new players. For this reason, new players do not invest in Bungie s game world. Why should you take care of who is Savathun or Xivu Arath? Crow is only a nice guy for you.

So I like to talk to new players about Destiny 2, I can not explain everything or at least not as good as that a standalone gaming experience can. I think other players are similar.

The new story entry is not enough: Surely the adjustments to Destiny 2 were necessary for bungie. You can also hold that the extension Beyond Light was much better than the mission I ve got at Destiny 2. But what new players expect in the Kosmodrom, just not enough. It feels like a waste, easy to leave as many great stories in a game. Only in the end to stow in the safe.

Find the way to your best yourself and get it. Because the alternative is a lonely road. Never forget that. Otherwise, maybe I have to come back…

Cayde 6 – Excerpt from the Lore The man who named Cayde

I would be very happy about new enthusiastic players. But that also requires that Bungie new players make the entry into the story easier. The complete story of Destiny 2 should be even more comprehensible for you.

If you do not succeed, Destiny 2 will continue to lose many new players in the future in the future. Write me how your experiences are. How is that in your clans, in your new players? Did you also find that there are new players in Destiny 2 always harder? How can Bungie solve your opinion according to this problem?