GUIDE OF DARKEST DUNGEON 2 HELLION Best skills and advice for the Battle of the Sanctuary

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Boudica The Hellion is a hero that returns in the darker dungeon 2. He will be available once he reaches the profile range 3. Here is our The darkest dungeon 2 Hellion guide to help you unlock the best skills and complete the battles of the sanctuary.

Boudica The Hellion Skills | The darker dungeon 2

Name of skill | Effect | Unlocking method
— | — | —

Evil hack.

| A single target attack against any of the two enemies on the front | Available by default

Iron swan.

| A single-purpose attack against the enemy that is further | Available by default

Yawp Barbaro!


Afflicts two enemies in front with weakness and eliminates stealth; Hellion runs out of breath; If the ability is improved, the objectives are also stunned whenever they have a combo card

| Available by default



A weak attack against any of the two enemies in the middle; inflicts bleeding; Partly ignore the resistance to bleeding if the objective has a combo card

| Available by default

Finger to finger


It can damage any of the two enemies to the front; Move the hellion forward; It makes it immovable; It makes it fun of two enemy attacks

| Available by default
Unscrew |

It can harm the enemy on the front; cause bleeding; I do partially ignore the bleeding resistance if there is a combo tab; makes the hellion run out of breath

Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access Getting Started Guide: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played

First Visit to a Sanctuary (narration) – The Eve of Glory

Blood thirst |

Bus; Eliminates breathless; All attacks inflict + 30% damage to an objective that is already bleeding


Second Visit to a Sanctuary (Battle) – The Brave

Strequently border |

Self-molding; cure 3 stress; Add + 10% resistance; Eliminate horror; It leaves you out of breath; If it is below 33% of HP, it is cured with 25% HP; Also stress will cure all allies by a single stress pip


Third visit to a sanctuary (narration) – Night in the forest

Discovery |

A weak attack, but it impacts on the first three objectives of the enemy row; ignores and eliminates the guard chips; makes the hellion run out of breath


Fourth visit to a sanctuary (battle) – Shame and exile

Adrenaline rush |

Self-catering if it is below 33% of HP; cures 25% of your HP; eliminate burns, bleeding, bliss and breathless; cure 20% of damage inflicted with an attack


Fifth visit to a sanctuary (narration) – the great emptiness

Final howl |

High damage to a single objective; ignores the block and guard; makes the hellion run out of breath


Fifth visit to a sanctuary (narration) – the great emptiness

Shrine Battle: The Brave – How to demonstrate your worth in battle

You have offensive skills such as Howling End and War Cry. In the same way, there is a skill called rally that allows you to summon Clan Companions. You will need it, because your barbarian allies will be easily defeated by the soldiers. In fact, they will not focus on a single goal, which will cause great losses.

From what we know, it is not necessary that you win this battle. After so many of your relatives have died, you will get the Cower action. Use it to finish the battle and receive the Bloodlust skill.

Shrine Battle: shame and exile – apologize with 10 widows

Concinging Cower is an action that allows you to freely dodge the next remote attack. Meanwhile, apologies reduces stress points. It will often use it since the mobs of the widows afflicted here will continue to increase their stress.

Again, as far as we know, this battle can be completed even if it did not complete the objective. We continue receiving the ability to advance even after the stress of Boudica reached the limit.

Hellion s best skills | The darkest dungeon 2

Hellion is mainly about causing bleeding effects on enemies. Like other tank characters, she can defend himself from her and also has ingenious tricks to help her with her survival ability. The only drawback is that several skills make it left breathless, which reduces the attack of it unless that tab of injury is eliminated.

Here are our selections for The best Hellion skills in The darker dungeon 2 :

If you bleed or bleed: you need them to cause the bleeding effect on your goal. Otherwise, you may have to trust another member of the group. Thirst for blood: improves and attacks enemies who are already bleeding. STRIDEY RELAY: This is an extremely powerful support ability. HP and stress cure (and even reduces stress for all teammates). Download Adrenaline: This is another great support skill if you want to tan the blows. Howling End: This is a high damage attack that ignores defensive benefits. Simply try to eliminate the breathless effect later. Toe to Toe: Take this alone if the Hellion is the only tank character in your group. If you have the man of weapons or the leper, then there is no need for this. more The darker dungeon II guides