11 kinds of Mir 4 Odin the second country cooking memories etc

Domestic games were released by 2021 game targets for the best this year. The number of pieces of the present invention to determine, is 11 species, and the awards result will be announced in the awards ceremony on the 17th.

The candidate is the Globe (Air Cap), Grand Sauga (Encapel), Marble Fury Revolution (NetMabble Monster), Metallic Car Idd (Studio HD), Mir 4 (WMADE NEXT), Seven Knights 2 (Netmar Ballax), Odin: Rising (Lion Heart Studios), Snaternati (Numbar Run), Secondary: Cross Worlds (Netmandable Neighborhood), Cookie Run: Kingdom (Devs Sisters), Playgiders (Marine).

There are three kinds of candidates in the nominee, which is a mobile game that is presented this year, and Odin: Ballai Rising and Eternal Return is in charge of domestic services in Kakao Games. Finally, Mir 4, Cookie Run: Kingdom, etc.,

Then, on popular game, Globe, Diablo 2: Lehing, Mu Arc Angel 2, Odin: Ballai Rising, Eternal Return, Second Country: Cross Worlds, Cookie Run, Kingdom, Friends Shot: Everyone has a golf candidate. In the case of popular games, unlike the same day, you can win the abroad.


On the first day of November 1, online voting on the same age and popularity was started. Online voting can be involved in general gamers, 20% on the same day, and 80% on popular game. Votes can participate in the official homepage of the game.

The final winner is determined by the second examination of the secondary examination of the public voting and expert voting, on November 16th. The awards ceremony will be held at the Busan KNN Theater on the 17th. On the other hand, last year, the game was received by net Games V4, and it was in the third tour of the technology creative, and the name of the technology was named.