Fortnite Sledgehammer Quests How To Defeat Boss Cube Monster Discover Cube Monster Parts

New to Fortnite this week is Sledgehammer, a military NPC that concentrates his huge guns on Cube Monsters and asks the very same of you. You can finish his brand-new five-part quest to make on your own 150,000 XP and also add him to your collection publication that tracks all NPCs and also fish uncovered each period. His challenges will certainly have you exploring as well as blowing up The Sideways. Here s where to find Sledgehammer as well as how to complete the Fortnite Sledgehammer Punchcard.

Fortnite Complete 'Sledgehammer' Challenges Guide - How to Complete the Battle Orders Questline

Fortnite Sledgehammer Area As Well As Punchcard Quests

Sledgehammer is a rah-rah soldier prepared to visit battle against the Cube Monsters at a moment s notice, as well as his five-part Battle Orders questline leaves no space for doubt; he desires loopers who are equally as decisive. You ll locate Sledgehammer south of the unusual accident website between Holly Hedges and also Follower Beach, waiting to provide orders close by the Reboot Van in the clearing up.

His 5 quests are as adheres to:

Open an upper body in The Sideways (1) – 30,000 XP
Get rid of different sorts of Cube Monsters in The Sideways (3) – 30,000 XP
Damages Cube Monsters with a Sideways weapon (150) – 30,000 XP
Collect Cube Monster Parts (50) – 30,000 XP
Defeat a Boss Cube Monster in The Sideways (1) – 30,000 XP

Your best option to complete every one of these pursuits in one go will certainly be to head to a Sideways Zone, identified on the map as the huge orange bubbles where The Sideways persists throughout of a match. These are various from Sideways Anomalies, which open briefly when triggered and also start a short crowd setting with a clear ending. Abnormalities won t have all you need, however Areas will. Each map will have one arbitrarily placed Area, so find it and head there.

When in a Sideways Area, search for an upper body to open. In The Sideways, you ll only discover intricate purple Sideways Chests, but simply one will certainly do. After that prepare to combat off different kinds of Cube Monsters. Some will add and also reduce at you, others will certainly take off into noxious gas when they pass away, others will certainly hurl fireballs from a range. There are various other kinds as well, however defeating any kind of 3 types will certainly be sufficient.

If you still don t have a Sideways tool, maintain browsing chests and choosing up loot gone down by Cube Monsters– it shouldn t take long in all to discover one– then concentrate on using that tool to deal 150 HP damages to the beasts. All the while Cube Monsters will certainly be going down Cube Monster Parts when beat, but to the most effective of your capacity, don t select them up till this 4th quest is energetic so each one counts toward your total amount. You ll require 50 to finish the difficulty.

For the last mission, you ll require to defeat a Boss Cube Monster. These are the Mythic Brutes that show up just in the Sideways Areas. You ll know them by their noticeable wellness bars that show up over their heads signifying that they ll take a bit extra effort to dispatch. As soon as you finally do, however, you ll have completed every part of the Sledgehammer questline and gained one more 150,000 XP.

Be sure to finish off that fight pass this month, as in December we may be heading for Fortnite Phase 3.