1 FC Cologne Anthony Modests about renewal baumgart and criticism

The scorer Anthony Modest of 1. FC Cologne has also returned its current top form to the retention of coach Steffen Rampart and also talked about a possible contract extension.


He understood me. He sees that I work. He trusts me and let me play me. And every trainer who familiarizes me, I pay back, Modest said in an interview of the picture on Sunday interview.

The 33-year-old Frenchman has already achieved six hits for the 1st FC Cologne in the Football Bundesliga, at 2: 2 in the Rhine derby against Bayer Leverkusen, he met twice. Even when victory in the DFB Cup at the VfB Stuttgart he scored a double pack.

Rampart told him what he wants from me. And I told him what I want about him. In the conversation, I realized that one is one that I would go to war with.

On the question of what his wife would say that he once said he would love his coach, Modest replied in joke: It s jealous of my coach because I lose so many nice words about him and after him Goren hearts. But it s okay because it s the coach and because I m much better.

Modest ironed Realign criticism

The fact that it had previously given critical voices, the claimed modest could only play county leagues, the striker removed. With these statements I have no problem. So the football is. Before I went to China, I was the fan darling here, the king. After my change, I was the traitor. Love and hate. The best answer is one As a professional anyway in the square. And there is finally good again, said the 33-year-old.

But what about the future of modest? The Treaty of French runs out in the summer of 2023. If my body says yes, I would like to hang two, three years, the scorer said a clear sign in the direction of management.

After his active time, it should then be an employment as a striker coach in Effie. But I have to do an internship at Steffen Rampart, explained modest.