Devs Sisters Cookie Run Kingdom Cookie Run Oven Brake Mau exceeded 10 million

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Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Hi Hewn, Kim Jong-il) 8-day Mobile Games Cookie Run: Kingdom and Cookie Run: The number of people (MAUs) (MAU), which is the world s global integrated monthly user (MAU), said that it has exceeded 10 million.

Devs Sisters explained that this achievement has been caused by the Cookie Run: Kingdom has done to expand its overseas user s influx as the kingdom started in the beginning of Japan in September.

Cookie Run: Kingdom s October Overseas MAU increased by 690%, compared to August, before the Major Game market. On October 8th, the local users of the US campaign as well as the local users as well as the English and European countries such as the UK, Canada, Italy and Russia.

In addition, Cookie Run: Oven Brake s October Overseas MAU has increased by 107% on August. Cookie Run in the Global Market: Cookie Runs based on the same IP as the popularity of the Kingdom is: In addition, since last month s 5th anniversary, the number of overseas users is also as high as the number of overseas users.

Devs Sisters said, October World Integrated MAU 1000 million, Cookie Runs: Kingdom and Cookie Run: A significant performance that has produced synergies with the oven brake, said Cookie Run as a We plan to focus on our entire competence so that we can go to the game and IP beyond the world,