Cinema Series TV One Piece Episode 1000 is celebrated with special events

Fans of Monkey D. Ruffy and the straw hat pirate band can be pleased that the popular anime One Piece will publish his 1000th episode on 21 November. In order to commit this tremendous milestone for the longest ongoing animes series in the history of TOE Animation, there will be a number of exciting events in whole Europe.

The global phenomenon is still as strong as to the publication of the first episode 1999 in Japan and enthusiastically fans and stars! With almost 1000. Published episodes in 80 countries, 13 published films and the Honor of the Manga Creator Ericeira Odd in the Guinness Book of Records for Most of the copies of the same comics series published by a single author, one Piece has in the cultural landscape of a whole Generation anchored.

Germany: Still until December you will receive a scratch card when buying One Piece products in the Figure Hobby Store in Berlin, with which you can win special One Piece prices.

Selfie World Record Experiment: To celebrate One Piece 1000 together with the fans finds since October 4th and until November 21, the One Piece Selfie Campaign instead. Fans can share their selfies with a special One Piece frame. The goal is to get together 20,000 selfies to create the greatest digital photo album of history. All 1,000 photos are raffled out prices. Over 12,000 photos have already been uploaded! Take part here yourself!

We are very proud of what One Piece means for a whole generation, and it is very exciting the 1000th episode of this cultural phenomenon with fans in Europe and beyond to celebrate. Said Yuri Koch, President of TOE Animation Europe.

There are so many activities planned, including sales events, cinema demonstrations and much more. So please make sure that you are tracking the latest updates about what happens in your closeness.

【Scene5】ONE PIECE Vol.100/Ep.1000 Celebration Movies

France and the Benelux: On November 21, there will be a special event in CGR cinemas to celebrate the transmission of the 1000th episode.

The demonstrations take place at the following times:

One Piece: Strong World — The Monumental One Piece Film
One Piece Characters Log — Monkey D. Luffy — Short Film About Monkey D. Ruffy
The 1000th episode of One Piece
And more surprises