If you expect to play Elden Ring attentive to your email Bandai Namco will tell you if you have been selected for the beta

The long-awaited mail has already appeared in several mailboxes. After announcing a closed beta accompanied by the delay of Elder Ring, the community has not hesitated to appear for the five test sessions announced by From Software. It has been little less than a month since that phenomenon, and Banzai NAMC is already announcing its verdict, since several users of Europe have already been chosen to access the Beta of Elder Ring.

You do not access any link if the email address is not the Banzai NAMC officer readers, before you close this website and open your email, Carefully review the address of the sender and assure you that Really Sea Banzai NAMC who invites you to participate in the first tests of Elder Ring. Next you have a sample of the well-known Tubers Nobel, who has been one of the lucky ones to receive the mail from the publisher.

Keep in mind that, after the 15-minute gameplay presented by from Software a few days ago, thousands of players have claimed to participate in the beta, so you do not feel helpless if you do not receive Banzai NAMC mail. If, on the contrary, the editor has confirmed your inclusion in the closed beta of Elder Ring, you can already take an eye on the available classes, since the developer has presented the first 5 options for users Participate in online tests.

Others, we will have to wait until February 25, 2022 to enjoy Elder Ring on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, although the title has already shown some technical specifications with which to prepare for their open world. We we continue locked for what we have seen in the mentioned gameplay, as you can see in the video that this paragraph closes. But we can not help asking you, readers, what has seemed to the trailer : Have you been up to your expectations?

ELDEN RING - Gameplay Preview

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