Todeste meets at the Cologne test game win

In view of the file break, several Bundesliga tests completed on Wednesday. Victories existed for the 1st FC Cologne, the VfB Stuttgart and the VFL Bochum. The VFL Wolfsburg, on the other hand, had to accept the first defeat under coach Florian Krefeld.

The Tor Series of Anthony Modest eat 1. FC Cologne continued. The French striker scored the 4-0 (2: 0) of the Geßböcke against the second division SC Paderborn, Ex-Club of FC-Chef Coach Steffen Rampart, the hits 2: 0 (34.). Previously, Kingsley Schindler (23.) had achieved the leadership for the Cologne, Philipp Hydra (68.) and Florian Keying (84th) produced the final score.

In the last four competitive games, modest had laced three times a double pack for the FC. The encounter took place in the exclusion of the public in the Franz Kramer Stadium on the Geißbockheim.

Stuttgart beats Zurich — Müller back in the gate

The VfB Stuttgart has retracted a test game victory on the return of Stammtorwart Florian Müller. The Swabia won on Wednesday against the Swiss first division FC Zurich with 1: 0 (0: 0), young player Aloud KUL (90th) scored the crucial hit late.

Müller had been positively tested on the coronavirus about a month ago and had since not denied no game. Two weeks ago, the goalkeeper returned to training, against Zurich he was now over the complete playing time in the field.

Defeat under Krefeld: Wolves lose test against Rostock

ITK Praxis Florian Kohfeldt

Without the National Trainer Hans Flick (56) gastronomic player Maximilian Arnold (27) and Ride Baku (23), VFL Wolfsburg lost his test match against Hans Rostock with 1: 3 (0: 1). Paris Duljevic (17th), Street Mamba (60th) and Theo Gunnar Martens (79th) met for the second division, Jodi Lukebakio (85th) achieved the head goal for the Champions League participant in the final phase, where William also had to be replaced by injury.

For the new coach Florian Krefeld (39) it was after three wins to start the first defeat with the wolves.

Bochum wins test against Viktoria Cologne

The VFL Bochum has retracted the next little victory in the country break. In the test against the third division Viktoria Cologne, however, the team of Thomas Rice came until late 2: 1 (1: 1), Saul Dearly (17th) and SOMA Dorothy (87th) with his goal shortly before the end decided the game. Luca Marseilles (33.) had balanced for the Cologne.

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Newcomer Bochum has won four of his past five mandatory games, in which Bundesliga leaving the descent zone and reached the secondary final in the DFB Cup.