Guide Clash Mini The best team for beginners and how to use it

Now that we are already clear who are the best heroes and minis with the Tier List of Clash Mini, the time has come to form the best team for beginners using the Heroes and Free-to-Play min.

Next we are going to tell you not only which characters choose, but also how to play with them and How to place them to take out the best match. The key is to take advantage of your powers to have the insured game even before you start. Go for it.

5 MUST KNOW TIPS for CLASH MINI // beginner guide to Clash Mini

The best team of Clash Mini

These are the characters you should have on your team. Try to focus on them when it comes to improving your Heroes and Minis during the first games or until you have a catalog of soldiers large enough to be able to choose.


Ran Archers: One of the most powerful initial heroes. Keep it safe behind a tank like megachalballer to let it upload the overrabaque of it and damage the greatest number of possible enemies.


Mega caballero: It must protect the queen of front attacks, so always put it before her and in a zone centered to take full advantage of her stunning attack.
Elf with Launch: The initial attack of it is devastating even with tanks and the best way to start the game with good foot. Try to place it where you think you re going to hit or, failing that, guide the path that the rival will follow until you reach the nearest mini.
Magician: The electric is always going to be our ideal option, followed by ice to stop enemies and fire to perform damage in a controlled area. Remember to protect you behind the tank but leaving it close enough to attack without problems away.

Mini Pukka: Ideal to end the tanks against which the megacballer is fighting or as a resource to end potential miners who want to attack on the back.
Skeleton Guard: A small tank to keep the queen archery protected if the megacballer falls. The shield of it will be very helpful to distract mines rivals that are at stake.

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