LOL The Argentine Newbie takes a step on the side of Golden Guardians

By the end of 2020, Latin America arrived at the LCS with two signings that they named throughout the year. Brandon Josedeodo Villegas joined Fly quest, while Leandro Newbie Marcos was part of Golden Guardian s original quintet. The bad news for both is that, although there were some victories, their organizations did not take long to send them to the academies.

The Academy teams of Fly quest and Golden Guardians had a better performance than the headlines. Although the novelty of having Argentines in North America was salable to the Latin American public, ESports division of the Golden State Warriors accurate adjustments. Same thing that is happening at the Academy with The output of the Newbie support, the jungle Taught Timothy Rose thorn Kim and the central lane Jong-un Jay Dundee Choir.

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In the official networks of the organization, we read: With the pain of our soul, we said goodbye to Rose thorn, Dundee and Newbie. It has been a pleasure to work with you and see them grow. We will support them with pleasure in their upcoming challenges. For Newbie, there was a publication in which they are grateful for good times together. We know that things did not give themselves as we plan, but you have a bright future, until next, Leandro, Golden Guardians wrote.

Newbie arrived from All Knights. In the Latin American League, he played three ends of the thread, winning the opening split 2020. Due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), he could not play the Mid-Season Invitational. By the end of the year, Josedeodo was made with the WORLDS 2020 pass to steal the public gaze. In the summer split of 2021, already in the LCS, there was a race for the last quota to eliminator, which finally took Golden Guardians. However, the iteration of Championship had Jonathan Chime Pompano instead of Newbie. In Proving Grounds 2021, Joshed fell into the second round of competition. Newbie got into the sixth round, losing 3-2 against the Team Liquid Academy.

At the time of publishing the note, there is no information about the next Newbie stop.