New World Is it worth it to the Amazon

Sid Meier s World III: Play The World (Shortened People III: Play The World or Civ3ptw) is the first development of the 3rd installation of the Human being Turn Technique Computer Game Series, developed by Fire xis Gaming as well as distributed by Informs. This development was introduced on the market on October 29, 2002, in The United States and Canada, and on 21 February 2003 in Europe.

It s no secret that New World run away the players. The number of 913,000 players, who were active at peak times on the servers, dropped almost half within the first five weeks. Now the drainage of a hype is normal, and we also explained in a detailed contribution, why this development does not mean that for the online role play.

Nevertheless, many summon the death of New World. But from the community, however, more and more voices are loud, who say that there are enough reasons not to return the game to the game.

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NEW WORLD: Patch is praised

The still active players who have not previously abandoned and watching developments in MMORPG are good things. Only recently was the trend theme Come back to New Wold. The Reddit User Summers created the thread on the weekend and received over 3,500 up votes. In his post he says:

The game is now much, much better than this sub describe. Even those who complain most about bugs, have played more than 300 hours and wrote negative flame posts on which they mobs are written on the other kill.

The last patch was great. If you left the game, come back.

New World Gameplay Closed Beta Impressions: Is Amazon Games MMO Worth it? (MMORPG)

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He gets a lot of encouragement for his statement, especially what the last patch 1.0.5 is concerned. Many necessary changes have been made with the update. The developers have changed the cash flow slightly, as well as some bug fixes, optimizations and adjustments made.

Mongol and Shroud praise New World

The last patch has New World (Buy Now €39.99) of course not from reason to change. Even after the update, new bugs appear again and again. Nevertheless, the communication from Amazon is good. In the past, the team has always screwed hard to improvements and has also been discussed on community wishes like mounts and has not categorically excluded them.

Extraction In this sense, New World also gets from known streamer. Twitch Streamer Mongol, for example, recently spoke in one of its streams about the continuous commitment of developers to eliminate the chaos in New World and has a lot of praise for the team left.

His colleague Michael Shroud Greek expressed himself in his stream to MMORPG. Although Shroud has many criticisms to the game and, above all, criticizes the endgame, he holds on New World. He praises the new patch:

I have the feeling that you got the curve with the last patch. I mean, yes, he s good. The updates are generally good. The November patch will be perfect in a few weeks. He will be unbelievable, If you have finally resolved all the bugs, you can start to create content.

The developers of the Amazon Game Studios continue to work to improve the game. Do you think, New World will get the curve again and reach the initial hype player s level again? Or have you already turned away and will no longer return?

From Dina Makovich
11.11.2021 at 14:14