The Gameplay by Elden Ring triumphs between readers although it has also aroused criticism

We all had a desire to check if The new fromSoftware game would meet the expectations and the first gameplay video gave it all, with open world action, combat on mounts and dragons, in this new fantasy universe Of the creators of Saga Souls. The video showed us your world, as well as some bosses and its renewed multiplayer experience. We only have been checking if he had convinced the fans.

Elder Ring has triumphed among the readers, Like 74% of the users who have affirmed that he adjusted to what they expected from the game. On the contrary, the video has not convinced 13% of users, while 12% have confessed to see more to decide. With these data, it is evident that the new fromSoftware generates great expectations among users, although there has been discussion and critical voices in our section, the readers think.

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It is literally what I expected. I imagine it as a huge soul. Matutela22 Undoubtedly, is what I expected and will be the Got, so convinced he was supremebubbubah. It s literally what I expected, I imagine it as a huge Souls, since although the Souls are not open worlds if they are interconnected, I hope something like that on a large scale, Matutela22 He looks like taking the best of the Souls (the artistic style) and the best of Senior (gameplay) for a great story form a period of time, Rost96 said.

MinnMax Plays Elden Ring!!!

Although in general terms there is trust in the study, there have been critical voices that have accused fromSoftware to recycle the formula and not innovate enough to justify the new franchise. I think to be a new LP innovate very little, apparently in the trailer, recycle too many things of previous games, it seems a more Dark Souls 4 that a new LP, said Futurology. The game looks fabulous, but I feel that it is a Dark Souls 4 disguised as new IP. I know that FS declared it has long been the spiritual successor of Dark Souls, which is not bad, but those recycled animations do not They just saw me, I expected something more novel as what they did with Senior, said Six. Well, it seems more of the same, which is not bad… but neither good, Basic exposed. They could have put Dark Souls 4 instead of Elder Ring, because New IP has nothing, said Madeinhell92.

I think to be a new LP, innovate very little Futurology After a stimulating debate, it seems that fromSoftware has convinced our readers, which are animated with the new adventure of Hideaway Miyazaki, There is confidence in the study and few doubts about the quality standards they handle, although there has been a certain disappointment by a small group, which expected a more pronounced change with regard to deliveries of the Souls saga.

Elder Ring will arrive next February 25 to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S along with full collector editions that include a figure of Malaria and up to a huge helmet. About the similarities with the Souls, fromSoftware promises to combine recognizable mechanics of the franchise with important innovations.