Pok mon Diamant Pearl fans complain about the remakes

Just a week before the release of the new Pokémon remakes, critical voices from the community become loud. Several fans had lost the interest in the game before it appeared. What are the biggest criticisms?

Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl disappoints players already now

Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Luminous Pearl should first appear on 19 November, but already act a lot of trouble in long-term Pokémon fans. The remakes are too unerring, according to some critics, and bring too little new into the game.

A Redditor explains in a longer post, why the remakes would allegedly destroy part of his childhood. Accordingly, it annoys him, among other things, that the EP divider will be imposed in the remakes. After every fight, all Pokémon in the team get some cake and levels, even if they did not fight. That makes the game a lot easier.

Also, the user NewFacethom criticizes that platinum content did not take it into the game. This at least reveal new leaks. To remain fair, here is to be mentioned again: Nintendo has never promised platinum content. Fans had hoped for it and now fear that the additional contents could be submitted by DLC. (Source: Reddit / NewFacethom)

I Rate Your Pokémon Teams for Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Who is blame to the remakes?

By and large, the remakes, as announced, should remain true to the original games. Large changes were never intended Nevertheless, all those involved still have to expose great criticism. In the online discourse, Nintendo often becomes responsive to Publisher, although the company has nothing to do with the development of the game.

Game Freak is often covered because the studio is normally behind the development of the Pokémon games. In fact, however, the Japanese developer studio INCA is behind the implementation of the remakes. Founded in 2010, the studio was already at a few large productions, like Near: Automata, Yakuza Zero and Metal Gear Rising: Re vengeance involved. Even with Pokémon, the studio has already gained experience, because Pokémon Home also comes from INCA.

Pokémon is just exposed to great criticism. Maybe the following picture track helps that we all reflect why we really love Pokémon despite some faux Pas:

Opinion of Nathan Navrotzki

Has Studio Inca Mist built or overreact Pokémon fans again? That s probably in the eye of the beholder. But a game to condemn that it is, as what it has been advertised all the time is typical for angry online mobs. My tip to the MOB: Just wait for the first tests to the game or Just do not buy it before you crisp another game in the air, the other might bring joy.